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February 2005

2 yrs gone, wounds not yet healed…

At the Godhra station on Feb. 27, where a couple of train coaches were burnt, killing many Hindu Ram Sewaks and others, including women and children. Following is a story compiled by me from various sources i.e papers, internet, and new channels. I claim no resposibility 4 the authenticity of my story, but this is […]

Wen i entered heaven!!!!!!

There goes by another valentine day n along with also go its sentiments. Me a stag n proud 2 b 1, but the recent developments have been pretty disturbing. Everybody is talkin bout ‘Valentines day’, I doubt how many of them even woke up 2 watch the parade on Jan 26th? Whats even more shockin […]

Michael Jackson the legend…..

Michael Jackson is still the undisputed king of pop! A few music videos found their way to the Maxstation and ever since me has gone kinda crazy. There r very few others who wud invest so much cash as well as effort into making those painstaking music videos. Controversial or not, artificial nose, kids etc […]

visa venkatesha…..

Went along with a few frnds to the Chilkur Balaji Temple. I must say never ever have I seen any temple like this! This 500 year-old Balaji Temple is 20 kms from the city in Chilkoor village in Ranga Reddy district on the Vikharabad highway. On the banks of the picturesque Osmansagar, it offers a […]

Dappan Koothu

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