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October 2005

AJAX rawks!

Here it is, the baap of feed readers. Google has decided to get into news aggregation n put the rest out of business, more here. In other news, those of u who heard abt the new IE 7.0, chill. It sucks, n moreover disables all toolbars. How dare they remove the Googlebar? And if that […]

What do u do…………………….

wen all u can think of is protocols, sockets n code? This song has been in my head all this week. Lyrics below… [youtube][/youtube] aapki kashish sarfarosh hain aapka nasha yu madhosh hain kya kahe tumse jaane ja gum hua hosh hain baairiyan chav ka jaadu joh chal gaya deewana main hua dil machal gaya […]

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