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May 2006

So dark the con of man…….

Friggin awesome! The power of story telling is what keeps the audience guessing at every moment. I give a iguana’s ass to the morons that feel its corruptin faith, sacrilegious my foot, to hell with those who feel that it’s against the very values we stand by. Forget Hans Zimmer’s psychedelic background score, forget the […]

meeshan yimpassibal dhree

*this post has a strong mallu flavor with no intended malice* The movie begins with ‘Ethanesan nayar'(Mohanlal) a peace loving kathakali artist who often goes away on dance performances with his troupe. The truth is that under his pot belly is a strongly guarded secret, he is part of a secret agency that was established […]

Dappan Koothu

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