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July 2007

Ever been in love?

Love is word that has been highly abused like its other 4-letter cousin It is used whenever something inexplicable happens, and people do crazy things under the excuse that love made them do it. Then there are tons of definitions that are used to churn out hundreds of movies by the Indian Cinema Industry. People […]

What is love?

On Sunday night, a friend asked me this question and it took me sometime to conjure a fitting answer. Love is pain, feeling it and yet being able to smile and bear it. Love is feeling jealous and envying the elements. Love is finding pleasure in the pain of separation as you long to see […]

Do I need to say more?

Jab nahin aaye they tum tab bhi mere saath they tum dil mein dhadkan ki tarah, tan mein jeevan ki tarah meri dharti, mere mausam, mere din raat they tum jab nahin aaye they tum… phool khilte they to aati thi tumhaari khushboo har hasin shaam jagati thi tumhaara jadoo aaine mein mere har din […]

Ali G on narcotics…….

Ali G: And what is its effects? Guy: You can go paranoid, which means you think people or things are coming at you. It makes your heart race. Your blood pressure can go low, so you can feel a bit woozy sometimes. It’s got a lot of medical effects on the body. Ali G: And […]

Ali G and Buzz Aldrin

Interviewing the former American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Ali introduces him as the man who walked on the moon with “Louie Armstrong,” Ali:when youz came to the moon, what was the reaction of the peoples there?, was the people who lived there very friendly, or was they scared of you? Aldrin: There was absolutely no thought […]

Dappan Koothu

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