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November 2007


Husn bhi aap hain, Ishq bhi aap hain Jis taraf dekhiye aap hi aap hain Baaghon mein kamini, Mandir mein moorti Dekhi na aaj tak yeh khoobsoorati Ganga bhi aap hain, Jamuna bhi aap hain Jis taraf dekhoon aap hi aap hain Update: The song is from the movie Shapath and sung by Anup Goshal […]

The blue film experience!!!!!!!

Forgive me O Ganesha, for I have sinned. Having done the unthinkable, the unpardonable I stand before you with my head hung in shame. I regret my actions and take a solemn vow to never ever repeat the same. I was lured by a couple of friends and unknowingly became part of the act while […]


If you have been wondering why SRK has been seen around cricketers a lot these days then I think I know why. News just in that the superstar is one of 90 bidders for a franchise from among the teams competing in the $3 million Indian Premier League (IPL) next year. While the franchisees will […]

Are your balls pink???????

Ahem, I know the title of this post sounds really cheeky and boasts of gay overtones. Those of you who have begun celebrating my-coming-out-of-the-closet can come back to earth. I hate to spoil your party but then it’s not about me nor does it have to do anything with the queer eye. Now as MJ […]

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