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June 2008


Teri aankhon ke kaajal ne neend chura li Teri mehekti khushboo ne hosh uda di Phirta hoon gali gali aawaron jaisa Eh parwardigaar, lag gaya mujhe yeh rog kaisa? PS: Writing something like this after a loooong time. Let me know if you liked it…

Amma, I’m coming home…….

Ma, I know you don’t read this space very often but still. I know that I’ve been a bad boy, I don’t call you very often. I argue, I fight but I guess that’s how all sons are. Work has been tough and compounded to that living alone doesn’t help either. I want to run […]

A case of ten avatarams (Part 2)

(continued from the previous post) My rants don’t end with the screenplay but with the reason behind why it was stretched to the limit, and that being the all hyped ten roles. Firstly, I failed to see the need for the ten rolesI failed to see the need for the ten roles. Some of them […]

A case of ten avatarams (Part 1)

Dear Kamalji, I write this in pain and angst after watching your magnum opus ‘Dasavataram‘ on an eventful Friday the 13th. I had to fight with the distributor for a ticket to watch you erupt on screen and this is something I had done before only for Chiru and Thalaivar. Before I bore you with […]


Following my previous post, I received an e-mail asking for the song that contains the ‘Stotram’. Here is the scene employs the theme as part of the background score(skip the fight sequence). [youtube][/youtube]

Fox on fire!

Firefox has been my favoritest(I know it’s not a real word, duh!) browser and I’ve been using it for the last four years. It’s the first thing I download when I’m not using my computer and carry it as a portable-app on my flash drive. I’ve converted almost all my friends and even my parents […]

Two movies, a King and a City

||Agni Skalana Sandhaghdharipu Varga Pralya Radha Chatrapathi Madhyamdhina Samudhyath Kirana Vidyuddhumani Khani Chatrapathi Thajjem Thajjenu Thadhim Dhirana Dhim Dhim Thakita Nata Chatrapathi Urvii Valaya Sambhavyavara Swacchanda Gunadhi…|| ||Khumbhi Nikara Khumbhastha Guru Khumbhi Valaya Pathi Chatrapathi Jhanjha Pavana Garvapahara Vindhyadri Samadruthi Chatrapathi Chanda Prabala Doardhandajitha Dhurdhanda Bhata Tathi Chatrapathi Shatru Prakara Vicchedakara Bheema Arjuna Prathi…|| ||Dhig […]

jimmy mi jimmy moh

First things first, I apologize for my absence from the blogsphere for almost a month. A few of you might have missed me, though I had been commenting on a few blogs here and there. Loads of traveling, pubbing, version releases and some good movies had blunted my acumen. It was the season of graduation […]

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