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July 2008

Preview: Kuselan / Kathanayakudu

The stage is set and all eyes are now on Thursday night’s mega release Kuselan. Kathanayakudu as it is named in Telugu will feature the Superstar who has been riding higher than ever after last year’s runaway hit ‘Sivaji‘. The film also stars Meena, Vadivelu, Nayantara apart form the Thalaivar himself, and has been directed […]

Cuil: First Look

It’s been a while since somebody challenged Google at it’s game. Cuil was launched a couple of days back and it has everybody pouncing upon it. For the first few hours the servers were down owing to the exponential increase in search load. Bloggers are in a hurry to get their reviews out on the […]

why do you blog

Bhaktas, For a change its not that I-am-so-smart boy genius but your favorite friend, guide and philosopher, Baba Bangali here. Over the weeks this so called witty-blogger has been putting me to face all his awkward questions for which I am forced to answer. While you laugh at the idiocy of my replies, I keep […]

Maal kaalchur and no thunder

Heard in a famous mall in Chennai (At Lifestyle) Girl: I love Puma, It’s so very European you know… Boy: (blank expression) (At Van Heusen) Another Girl: Only my man can wear pink (Hands her boy-toy a pink shirt) Another poor guy: (blank expression) I generally don’t eavesdrop and snoop around coochie-coo couples but this […]

kar ke kalam se

Below are some ramblings from my friend kar who blogs under the moniker ‘sthitapragnya‘. It was actually left as a comment to an earlier post, but I found it post worthy and wanted to share it with all of you. sunaai hai tumne yeh jo daastaan khuda bhi hoga isse maezbaan kyonki samajhta hai woh […]


You can take the Rathore out of Ranjhour, But you can’t take the Ranjhour out of the Rathore Dear Aditi, As I write this post, every girl who shares her name with you is gleaming in joy every time this song is played on the air. How I wish you were with me every time […]

Jet Jet Baby…….

For those following this blog would have realized by now that I’m in the desh, and the previous post was quite a hint. I travelled on a combination of Jet and AA and want to tell you that apna desi Jet wins hands down!apna desi Jet wins hands down! The ambiance, the soft spoken flight […]

Dappan Koothu

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