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October 2008

Diwali Dhamaka – damaal dumeel dush

We Indians are a weird race, we hate winters and crib about it all the time. Yet we welcome winter with the most joyous festival of them all. Ladeej and Juntalmen it’s Diwali/Deepavali time! The festival is special to one and all and everyone has their own reason to celebrate. Cinema is my first love […]

Review: Karzzz – Hell freezes over

After having endured the music of Karzzz, I garnered courage to boldly do what no man has ever attempted before. Oh Ganesha forgive me once again, for I watched Karzzz all alone in a theater! If not for me they would have canceled the screening, but then I felt like one of those Zamindars in […]

Hanuman Chalisa and a Paracetamol

For two days now, I have been racking my head to come up with something witty so that I can post it as part of Blog Action Day. For those who are unaware, Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the […]

Review: Drona – Smile toh karo na

Despite rumors that people were selling their tickets for half price at INOX, I still dared to watch Drona. I am a sucker for mythology and that weighs just about everything. Hell, I’d watch even if the great Teeyaar was in a Mahabharata remake. Even if it was as bad as trade pundits claimed, it […]

Return of the Powerpuff girls

Bhaktas, This is you friend, philosopher and guide Baba Bangali and today I have a very special guest here at Dappan Koothu. They’re very close to me and we share a strong bond and hence I refer to them as the Powerpuff girls. Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are the consorts of the holy trinity and […]

Review: Kidnap – skin skin baby!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen some bad cinema and I was missing the agony factor. It’s no secret that bad movies give a kick, much more than what a shot of vodka, vibhuti and vadu maanga does! The wait finally ended this week when I saw not one but 4 box office duds! […]

Kyunki Lehman bhi kabhi Goldman tha

Jeez what that booming sound? I heard they shut of that stupid LHC so this couldn’t have been that so-called Bing Bang. Turns out that our Vaigyanik Daanav was meeker than our very own Mamata Bannerjee.  If it wasn’t the shelved experiment then what could have caused the commotion? Closer inspection reveals that it was […]

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