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November 2008

Page 3 on terror

The Mumbai attacks have left the country thunderstruck and we have all being glued to the news for the last 48 hours. It is definitely a moment of sorrow and our condolences are with all that have been affected. While the real heroes like the firemen, cops and the NSG commandos have all been unsung, […]

Review: Dostana – Gay bana toh nibhana

Gay is the new buzz word after ‘Obama’ among hep circles these days. We had never even heard of the term till Friends and Will & Grace graced our TV sets. Apparently kids these days seem to know it all at a very young age. It’s a personal choice and we have nothing against it, […]

Is it marathi manoos or manhoos?

Bombay will be always special to my family for it was where my grandfather began his career as he set foot into the city with his newly wedded wife. It was where my father has spent a major chunk of his life and also my early growing years. We’ve moved on to live in many […]

US elections Mahabharata ishtyle

This election has been the most watched and closely followed election globally. It comes as no surprise that even the Indian media is hooked onto it like some cheap weed in an IIT hostel. Indians in the states also have been following it madly though they don’t even have a say it it. It’s amazing […]

Dappan Koothu

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