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January 2009

Pirates of the Aden

These are bad times with pirates ruling the seas. There was a time when the Vikings spread havoc for European merchant ships and captured their wares and wine. Now the same has moved a few latitudes lower from Scandinavia to the Horn of Africa. Our sources tell us that it is a result of the […]

Supremely sublime movies of 2008 – Part 2

We received a lot of positive feedback for our previous post as comments, offline messages and tweets. As promised we are back with Part 2 of out supremely sublime movies of 2008. We hope to make this a regular feature every year with our awards segment that will follow during the award season.  Our heart […]

Supremely sublime movies of 2008 – Part 1

It’s that time of the year when we look back and thank god for surviving a horrendous yearthank god for surviving a horrendous year and pray for the strength to endure the coming 360 days. Now before you mistake me and sentence me to the gallows, let me make myself clear. This post is about […]

Right of admission reserved

Alright mates this is roving reporter Munna Mobile doing a roundup of the year’s high’s and lows. It has been a terrific year in terms of achievements in sports, technology, political developments and cinema. But wait don’t we always do the unpredictable for it would be boring to do the routine stuff. Just when you […]

Dappan Koothu

Movies, Matter, Satire