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May 2009

Azadi dil ki

Hello 98210262612 BPL? cha! Arre 98200262635 maxtouch? cha! Yaar jis ladki ko patane ka Wohi phone pe nahi aati kya What is mobile number, What is your smile number Karni hain private baatein, What is your private number Kaha se tu aati hain darling kaha ko tu jaati hain Aake jaake aaise kyo dil ko […]

Poll poll din ke paas

Sat sri akal and a copy to all, this is your friend philosopher and guide Baba Bangali along with our resident reporter Munna Mobile coming to you live from our bunker in the hinterlands. We’re stationed in a bunker because of the nature of information we deal with. You read the regular stuff in the […]

Maa da ladla

Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb? Mother, do you think they’ll like this song? Mother, do you think they’ll try to break my balls? Mother, should I build the wall? Mother, should I run for President? Mother, should I trust the government? Mother, will they put me in the firing line? Is it […]

Dappan Koothu

Movies, Matter, Satire