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September 2009

It’s Powerpuff time again!

Bhaktas, This is Baba Bangali and on behalf of everyone at Dappan Koothu, I take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy Vijaya Dasami. The scoop I did last year for the occasion was highly popular and I was looking for ways to repeat the same this year as well. Being highly […]

From Alappuzha With Love – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 Pand returns to his hotel room to find Pankajam spread like an eagle on his bed in a very enticing position. She takes it upon herself to personally take Pand out of the way and invites him to spend the night with her saying, “I hope you’re not ready for this“. […]

From Alappuzha With Love – Part 1

It’s another cold winterly night in Hyderabad as our man daabal-sevan-woh struts down a dark alley. As he passes a homeless guy sleeping on a bundle of Deccan Chronicle editions, the streetlight flickers frantically and goes out. From the shadows the homeless man springs up and swiftly begins following our man into the darkness. After […]

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