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October 2009

Aaj mausam bada beimaan hain

I know what you’re thinking, and your bewilderment is well justified. We don’t quite often talk about so-called serious issues like climate changes but then we’ve done some mildly serious stuff in the past like this and this, they’ve been well received. Now this goes without denying the fact that it will get us some […]

Balance the equation

After a few posts of southie balderdash that got nobody’s attention and almost had people taking us of their blogrolls, I’m back! Yes bhaiyon aur unke behenon, This is Munna Mobile bringing you news that you cannot use from our secret bunker in the hinterlands. The title of this post may seem out of place […]

Review: Wake up Sid – A Boy, not a Man

The weekends are getting better with better stuff to look forward to at the cinemas on Friday evenings. While not the best to hit the screens this year, Wake up Sid still makes the cut especially taking into account the production house it belongs to. Dharma Productions brings us another hip and trendy enjoyable fare […]

Dappan Koothu

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