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November 2009

Goats suffer from recessionitis

Readers, This is ace reporter Munna Mobile bringing you news that you cannot use from our bunker in the hinterlands. This past month there have been a lot of news makers like cricketers, angry marathas, Shilpa Shetty and goats. Yes you heard it right goats, I mean who would ever think that the poor innocent […]

Mujhe vote karo

‘maxdavinci aage badho, hum tumhare saath hain‘ The deafening ruckus of the slogan chanting slowly dies out as I get my fingers to type. The past few days have been pretty busy with all these followers, and the sea of banners with my name emblazoned on them. At first I assumed they were mischief-mongers irked […]

Review: Kurbaan – Jihad Ho Na Ho

(Looooong post, kindly adjust) We generally try not to give away the plot and thrust our opinions on people and be unbiased, but then there are exceptions. The weird thing being that, the stuff that I find trashy is sometimes received so well by others that it just boggles me. But then who cares, for […]

The Bai Who Dumped Me – Part2

Continued from Part-1 Pand and Sunita are welcomed by R-Zed’s executive assistant, BRA who takes an immediate liking for Pand. Bhavani Rajeshwar Amrapurkar was an ardent fan of SRT, and hence decided to weirdly abbreviate her name. After Manpreet Brar did well at the Miss Universe pageant, she preferred to go by the name Ms.Bra […]

The Bai Who Dumped Me – Part1

A janitor on the deck of a Korean army vessel of the port of Vizag, finds the missile door open and sounds the alarm. A quick inspection reveals that a couple of armed missiles are missing. Anjaneyulu Sastry a.k.a ‘Loo’, the chief of the Andhra Police Covert Operations(APCO) summons JMS Pand to investigate. Daabal-sevan-woh(770) learns […]

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