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December 2009

Ghanti Bajao, Ghanti Bajao

Ah friends, we meet again! Myself Baba Bangali, resident astrologer, philosopher and everything-man for this space.It has been a while since I was last here, and I’m here to ring in the festive spirit. The occasion is actually to mark the birth of my buddy JC, and our initial plan was to have him grace […]

Review: 3 Idiots – You are the fourth

Well, you read it right and I did infact call you all idiots. Who else in the world would be insane enough to go watch a movie that claims its protagonists to be idiots.A friend argued with me that the movie was going to be a dramatic sketch about kids suffering from acute idiocy and […]

Bhabhi chale Copenhagen

Folks, this is Munna Mobile reporting from across the Atlantic or whichever water body is closest to here in Denmark. Since we don’t have a camera person or a cute news reader to talk to in the studio, we shall regale the motley crowd(for arguments sake lets assume atleast someone reads us) that reads this […]

Attack of the fish eating cows

Brothers and their sisters, this is Munna Mobile reporting from the bunker bringing you news you cannot use! It was recently brought to our notice from a source who we wish to not reveal, about the existence of a weird phenomenon. Apparently what happened and we swear we aren’t fabricating details here, a cow was […]

Review: Rocket Singh – Mice are Nice

Ranbir ‘Rocket’ Kapoor just cant seem to set foot in the wrong direction and is in the form of his life! Much like the purple patch of Rahul Dravid in Australia or Sachin’s desert storm in Sharjah. Well that might have been a little over the hilt, but then the guy is making awesome choices. […]

Review: Paa – Bring home the awards

Dear Paa, What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words, ‘Daavar seth aaj bhi main phenke hue paisa nahin utatha ‘ or ‘Pandrah sau rupiyah ki pagaar mein ghar nahin chalta toh imaan kaise chalega, Gaitonde saab? ‘. What about my personal favorite where Anthony Gonsalves tells Inspector […]

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