Fasting and very furious

Dear bhaktas and Dipusanth, I bring you this message with the hope that peace reigns across borders and the air we breathe is safe again. Who am I kidding, let’s just hope that India retains the test ranking and some random bollywood starlet doesn’t get into another smuggling/MMS scandal. Speaking of scandalous smugglers, how are Messrs Ramdev & Hazare? Last I heard, they were having a fasting cage match, where they fast for 45 days and then duel in a steel cage. Strike that out, but then that will be a great thing to watch with full media coverage, expert fasting analysts, SMS polls and Tarot card predictions. I was sifting through my fanmail which is generally dakshina from my nigerian bhaktas, russian bhaktas selecting brides for me, female bhaktas who can’t afford to cover their body seeking my blessings via chat and some bhaktas offering to enlarge my body parts. This one however was different and hence I’d like to share it with all of you.

I am writing this means I am thinking you are decent fellow. You are not coming early morning on TV and doing breathing, also you are not in cellphone nangu-pangu MMS videos. First of all I am native from Telangana, but I am not shouting jai telangana and wearing pink scarf. Then what is happening means they are telling to sit on road an put fast for getting the new state. First of all this new
bijness is
very the confeeshan
this new state bijness is very the confeeshan baba.  First in school when I am studying means they told 25 states and easy to remember because US is having 50 so India is still developing country no hence 25. Then the are telling to add three more and now Telanagana also they are asking for becoming state. OK man state they are giving not giving means what goes my father, but for that they are telling to vacate the college campus and sit on the road to shout the slogans. Baba, I am telling you inside secret, I am not the ramanujam type super student but on campus only we can put sight for figars. No class they are telling means ok nice, but not sitting in canteen also a? Gerls all they will sendoff in bus to house but we all they will give placard in hand and tell to fast on road. One fellow like one thop tried to go with gerls in bus and get take one figar to theater means they are beating with sticks! His full shame went off in ship, and he also sitting with us on roads for fasting and doing rasta-roko.

Now is you are living on pension retirement fund and sitting on easy chair telling hare rama hare krishna means fasting is simple matter. Whatisthere maximum you will dieoff, but everything else in life you did na? Or you are wearing orange dress and shouting “I like the bhajan” and fasting means then also ok, anyways you have decided nothing in life you want. Why they are coming and deadkilling youths like us ya? Then they are to be the telling, we are fasting means we are getting the gowramentu job. Like that means tomorrow all beggars outside birla mandir will come and
ask for
gowramentu job
all beggars outside birla mandir will come and ask for gowramentu job, who all they will give? If you are fasting means stomach is maybe going inside, but new state is not coming. Now they are not releasing the latest Allu Arjun film, how we are to be taking the potti for shikaar if they are doing laikthat? Arrey last week Lumbini park mein my friend and his potti were doing some botany something means these fellows are coming and breaking all statues and catching them for doing indecency. Now they are talking of gowramentu job, once they are to be getting state means then they will addoff all that reservation. Then also same struggle now also that only, like this it will continue means they will issue visa for entering telangana. Also one potti I am liking very much, everyday in bus she is smiling at me, means she is going deewana for me. But then she is from Rayalaseema and if this will kondinue means then we are going to be having one veer-zaara level fight a? Pls to help Baba, what we are to be doing with this nuisance?

Ontikommu LokendraTejaPratap Reddy(LTP)

Ah young love, I’ll leave it to the comment space to address his issue. Oh and the rest of you stay out of trouble and always remember, “I like the bhajan”