Its a man’s world…….

Members storming the well of the rajya sabhaThe previous post may have led a few to think that I’m chauvinistic, so let me allay those doubts with this post. The womens reservation bill was tabled in the so-called-upper-house-of-parliament, the Rajya Sabha amidst chaos. Is it the male ego that blinds everything or could it be that we chose not to see beyond a point. I may be no expert in vote-bank politics but if something is clearly evident to me, then why not our lawmakers? I asked the second greatest philosopher of our times Baba Bangali, first undoubtedly being the great Gounder. But before we ridicule the notion I’d like to put it across the board, Why is it that in our country not only women but even the womens reservation bill needs to be protected from men?

Max: Baba, why is it that these politicos most of whom are your bhaktas, are against the bill.

BB: Beta, you see if the women folk enter the parliament then who will supply lunch dabbas to the MPs?

Max: Confined to the kitchen? That is grossly chauvinistic!

BB: err well, lets put it this way. With more women on the floor of the house ,male MPs will find it awkward to mouth expletives that involve mothers and sisters.

Max: I see you have a point here Baba, freedom of speech is curtailed.

BB: There’s more my child. With more women being tickets, more women will come out to vote. Then it becomes difficult to get the biryani and brandy bottle votes.

Max: So that would affect the liquor sales and excise duty collected during elections

BB: Precisely, Do you know how much the treasury would lose due to this?

Max: Could it be because parties recruit more rogue elements and there is a dearth of female leaders?

BB: Yes, they have been grooming rowdy-sheeters and toddy brewers for years so that they will step up and rise to the occasion when the mantle is handed over to them. This will now creates social unrest within the party cadres.

Max: What about corruption, Do you think that would be affected?

BB: Glad you brought that up. Baring a few women like ‘Maya Memsaab‘, and ‘Ammaaa‘ the rest are pretty much averse to the idea of bribes and scams.

Max: So this then affects the influx of black money into the party cadres and hence affects the financial stability of the party?

BB: You learn fast, so now do you see how women in the house would completely shake up our political setup? Were all those years of hard work that have gone into pushing corruption, caste and vote-bank politics to the zenith just so that we could see this day? Women like Ms.Swaraj, Ms. Chowdary and Ms.Natarajan are already causing us enough troubles why invite more? Find more women like ‘Maya Memsaab’ and ‘Ammaaa’, and you can have even 50% reservation.

Max: I apologize for my ignorance Baba, you were right. Women should never be given reservation in parliament, It could very well change the face of Indian politics.