Poll poll din ke paas

Sat sri akal and a copy to all, this is your friend philosopher and guide Baba Bangali along with our resident reporter Munna Mobile coming to you live from our bunker in the hinterlands. We’re stationed in a bunker because of the nature of information we deal with. You read the regular stuff in the papers and news channels but our constant endeavors are always to go beyond the headlines. With the election fever dying down and the IPL at it’s closing stages, it’s time to take a breather. The elections also fondly called the ‘Great Indian Tamasha‘ has provided us with loads of entertainment and has kept the psephologists busy. With news channels trying to get ahead on exit polls in the race to be counted as the most accurate, they think they can fool us by calling it as statistics when it really is good ol’ sattebaazi. This Election was even more interesting as it was not only fought at the so-called grassroots level but also on the web with social media as a powerful weapon. There were therefore a deluge of ghost blogs and twitter accounts that were set up by representatives of the candidates.

We decided to cash in on this lunacy to reach out and offered our consultation services on twitter. Thus began the journey
of hashtags
the journey of hashtags and 140 character limited fistfights. Words have never before been so judiciously used owing to the the limit, maximum potency with minimum characters was the mantra. Today we decided to do a poll retrospection and announced a tweetup, with invites being sent out to the big names. Our aim was to look back at the results and get some feelers on future steps from the movers and shakers of lok-sabha. Within 20 minutes we were flooded with tweets and below is a snapshot of what took place. For the twitter-illiterate and everyone else, read from the the bottom. It goes without saying that all references are in jest so don’t come chasing us with a lawsuit, however that would atleast get us some publicity.

PS: Title of this post inspired by this song