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Today the world celebrates the birthday of the greatest lover in any mythology. I state this however with no offense to the Lord nor is this an attempt to malign his greatness. If my Bhakta’s from the HMK are reading this, then they can safely ignore it. The leela’s of
are unparalleled
leela’s of Krishna are unparalleled and we are too small to even comment on them.

The ‘rasa leela‘ takes place one night when the gopis of Vrindavan, upon hearing the sound of Krishna’s flute, sneak away from their households and families to the forest to dance with Krishna throughout the night, which Krishna supernaturally stretches to the length of one Night of Brahma, a Hindu unit of time lasting approximately 4.32 billion years. In the Krishna Bhakti traditions, the ‘rasa-leela‘ is considered to be one of the highest and most esoteric of Krishna’s pastimes. In these traditions, romantic love between human beings in the material world is seen as merely a diminished, illusionary reflection of the soul’s original, ecstatic spiritual love for Krishna, God, in the spiritual world.

The spiritual dance of divine love is well explained in the ‘Bhagvatam‘ and you may head here for further reference. Now that we’ve cleared the air, we are free to do what we do best. Cheap, crass and crude humor has always been our forte, and we at Dappan Koothu are gonna give you more.

1: Krishna Kare to swami, Hum kare toh harami!
2: Krishna kare to chamatkaar, hum kare to balaatkaar
3: Krishna kare to raas leela, hum kare to character dheela

In college when ever we were rebuked by the women folk for our actions or comments we always came back with these brilliant lines. It soon was popular among SMSes and even saw the light of the day in a few movies. Let me clear the air that our actions were pretty harmless and one need not twitch his/her eyebrows. The gardens of Vrindavan have now been replaced by the malls and multiplexes and that’s where they gopikas of today seek their Mohan. The flute has given way to cellphones and other gadgets and the definition of pure unadulterated love may never be the same. Social media seems to be the new way to reach out and keep track of everyone’s updates. Facebook/Orkut and blogs have replaced the verandah discussions of the evenings. In a world wherein people update their twitter statuses even before letting their loved ones know, the ‘Supreme Being’ felt left out.

The lord got fed up and wanted to reach out and turned to social media. What if the lord had a facebook profile, who would he get poked by? Who would scribble on his wall and what would his status be? Ever wondered what would Krishna’s social profile look like or the groups he would join? I have all your answers bhakta. Presenting a sneak peak of the profile of the most sought after man ever! This is what his profile looked like the day after his ‘peace mission‘ was rejected at Hastinapur. Those unaware with the Mahabharata may fail to comprehend, however I feel the rest of you will see it in the right spirit. It is a bit tongue in cheek and I request all my bhaktas to take it in jest.

Jai Shri Krishna, happy birthday O great one!

Baba Bangali

PS: Inspired by Krishashok and Chutney.
PPS: Thank you Javascript and MS Paint!

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  • Lol @ Married (8)

    This java script trick is a tad bit late than expected from the Java guru :)

    me: Thank you, you are too generous! Legend has it that there were 16,000 but the stories of 8 wives are best documented!

  • Lol indeed.

    BTW, Vasudevan? Shouldn’t it be Vasudeva, keeping with the lack of “n” in Krishnan. :)

    me: Just wanted to keep a southie surname! This sounded the best!

  • I didn’t know Krishna was a Tam bram! Iyer or Iyengar? I always thought He was a Vaidiki Brahmin from Repalle, Guntur. Can I add Him to my friends list?

    PS: His marital status should be ‘Married (8) and always looking’. My cousin said she saw His profile on

    me: Now lets not fight for rights to claim the surname! You can name him Krishnaiah Vasudeva Sastry!

  • Today he will be sipping lassi with Lalu prasad and the assorted Yadav kul dancing in tune to Sambhavna Seth’s jigs!

    me: I’m in full bhakti mood, and you are remindin me of Ms.Seth!

  • Nice. I like the touch of ads too..though, Krishna only has 1022 friends? If each of his wives was a friend, he would have at least 16,000 odd friends :o And that’s not even counting all the gopikas!

    me: I just used a random number, I guess there should have been another digit. I’m glad you liked it

  • I am the inspirer. I feel soooo special :)

    Just wish Krish was a tad more cutsie. Like this guy :)

    me: incase you failed to recognize, he was Nitish Bharadwaj. The guy who played Krishna in the B.R.Chopra TV series

  • ooyo, my linking is all screwed up. Thats Check it out, its tooo cute :) Like your post :D

    me: thnx chutney, new email anol huh? coolu

  • yabba wonly :) :)

    me: I assume that is to be taken in the positive sense…

  • MS Paint??? MS?? Paint?? Dude. Use GIMP. 90% of Photoshop features with 10% of its usability, but still, a nuclear weapon to MS Paint’s oosi vedi.

    me: I am honored sire! Aap jo yahan padhare…Will keep that in mind the next time I do anything similar.

  • LOL Good one ;) I think you should have put Adi’s pic instead of Nitish Bharadwaj’s.

    me: hez the real world krishna!

  • Nice work! Liked the perfection… the ads in the right were testimony to it!

    me:thnx buddy

  • ROTFL!

    That was pretty awesome- well thought out and nicely put:)

    me:well thank you ji!

  • love your title…absolutely love it!

    me: I’m glad it got you on FB!

  • So I just spent the last couple of hours reading through your archives- good stuff! You are very witty and have an uncanny sense of humor, and don’t seem to take yourself too seriously- I like:)

    me: wowie! can’t believe you really did that! I am so very honored…

  • ah the title. ah the title.

    me: thanku u madame!

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