So you think you are an atheist???????

A lot of desis feel its cool to be atheists and non-believers just so that they can stand out in a crowd. I have been mocked at for my strong spiritual values and have been following a lot of so-called-cool blogs that engage in a lot of cultural-bashing. Well, everybody has the right to have an opinion of their own and my blog just reflects mine.

First some facts:

  • The Sun’s energy output is about 386 billion billion megawatts, produced by nuclear fusion reactions.
  • Each second about 700,000,000 tons of hydrogen are converted to about 695,000,000 tons of helium and 5,000,000 tons of energy in the form of gamma rays.
  • As it travels out toward the surface, the energy is continuously absorbed and re-emitted at lower and lower temperatures so that by the time it reaches the surface, it is primarily visible light.
  • For the last 20% of the way to the surface, the energy is carried more by convection than by radiation.

Now lets apply some logic to this:

  • The Sun:
    • The surface temperature of the Sun is 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • If the sun gave off only one half of it’s present radiation, We would freeze. And if it gives as more, We would roast.
    • The earth is positioned in such a way that it is just far away so that the sun’s rays just warms us just enough so that neither we are roasted nor frozen.
  • The Earth:
    • This has been going on for 4600 million years, And all these 4600 million years, the earth has been rotating non-stop, 24 hours a day and night. It rotates on its axis, at 1000 miles an hour at the equator.
    • Now If it turns, let us say, at one hundred miles per hour, what happens? Our days and nights will be 10 times as long as now and the hot sun will burn our vegetation during the long day. And in the long night, any surviving sprout might freeze.
  • The Moon:
    • The average earth-moon distance is about 1,75,000 miles. If the moon, let us say,were only 50,000 miles away.
    • Our tides might be so enormous that twice a day all continents would be submerged and even the mountains will be eroded away.
  • Others:
    • The slant of the earth, tilted at an angle of 23 degrees gives us our seasons.
    • If it were not so tilted, Vapors from the ocean would move north and south, piling up continents of ice.
    • If the crust of the earth, had been ten feet thicker, There will be no oxygen and animal life will die.
    • Had the ocean been a few feet deeper, Carbon dioxide and oxygen would be absorbed and no vegetation or life could exist.

One could rattle of hundreds of such examples, but all of them would ring in unison। As rational as I try to be, can all this be just a result of one explosion? Would you say that life on this planet is still an accident? Physical Cosmology and astrophysics fail to explain many concepts, not everything can have an explanation. Call me old fashioned, call me gullible, but the truth remains that there is the supreme force who is the source of all cosmic energy. Before I fail to make any further sense…….

Thank you for reading,