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Pale white or pinkish white?

People who’ve known from close quarters will vouch for the fact that I’m a strong advocate for woman’s rights. This post may have served as an indicator for the keen eye, even otherwise I’m openly voicing my opinion in this post. In a world filled with chauvinists I don’t mind being called a feminist, and […]

Ad of the week (Complan)

Complan has been part of every growing kid”s diet. The ‘I’m a Complan boy’ was one of the most famous ad campaigns to which later the ‘I’m a Complan girl’ was added. Krish Srikanth was also roped in as a brand ambassador and they ran a similar campaign on the lines of Kapil Dev‘s ‘Boost’. […]

Ad of the week (Sumeet)

No Indian kitchen is complete without the ‘Sumeet mixer & grinder‘, often known as the ‘mixie’. Designed specifically for the asian market this food processor ruled the 90’s. Though there were other entrants in the segment such as Singer, Butterfly and a few others, but none came close to beat the ‘sumeet mixie’ in value […]

Ad of the week (Bramhaputra tea)

Brahmaputra Tea advert during SRK’s early days in the industry!.I must confess, I do not remember having seen this ad. Leave a comment if any of you have any memories. Wonder what would happen if you ask someone for ‘Assam ka amrit’!…

Ad of the week (Mayur Suitings)

This new section will feature the ads we grew up on, some very famous some long forgotten. Let me kick of with my namesake ‘Mayur Suitings’. SRK made this ad jingle very famous and there was a time in school when people addressed me by the jingle.(Still unable to figure if it was out of […]

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