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Six Face – God of war

Bhaktas, This is your friend, philosopher and guide Baba Bangali. It’s been a while since I have graced this space and I have my reasons for it. The past few weeks I have been on a peace keeping mission in the wake of terror attacks.I have been traveling all over, meeting people and seeking answers […]

My friend Ganesha

Bhaktas, After a series of boring flashback stories I am back to haunt this space. The past few days have been spent in religious fervor as the whole country celebrated the birth of the elephant god. Headquartered in Mumbai with major branches all over the country, my favorite tusker friend’s pandals adorned the bylanes of […]

Poke me kanna one more time!

Bhaktas, Today the world celebrates the birthday of the greatest lover in any mythology. I state this however with no offense to the Lord nor is this an attempt to malign his greatness. If my Bhakta’s from the HMK are reading this, then they can safely ignore it. The leela’s of Krishna are unparalleledleela’s of […]

So you think you are a bhakta…….

KA‘s post on the relevance of temples and mosques in todays world got me thinking on the reasons why most of us visit temples. Generally people goto temples out of bhakti. Now bhakti can be of many types, I attempt to name a few 1) Daiva bhakti: This is the foremost of all, and consists […]

So you think you are an atheist???????

A lot of desis feel its cool to be atheists and non-believers just so that they can stand out in a crowd. I have been mocked at for my strong spiritual values and have been following a lot of so-called-cool blogs that engage in a lot of cultural-bashing. Well, everybody has the right to have […]

visa venkatesha…..

Went along with a few frnds to the Chilkur Balaji Temple. I must say never ever have I seen any temple like this! This 500 year-old Balaji Temple is 20 kms from the city in Chilkoor village in Ranga Reddy district on the Vikharabad highway. On the banks of the picturesque Osmansagar, it offers a […]

Dappan Koothu

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