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Earth Quaker Oats

I don’t make jokes about natural calamities, thousands of people are affected, lives are changed forever and the mental scars never go away. One can however make observations about people who are miles away, unharmed, unhurt, but give into paranoia based on stupid rumours. My prayers are with all the families affected and hope that the causalities in […]

Of fake accents & so-called funny people

This extended India trip has been fruitful in many ways, working after lunch through dinner gives me the morning to pursue side projects and write a lot more often. I’ve also being going around and meeting interesting folks which has been a very interesting experience. I say interesting because I’ve met some awesome people who […]

Main laila laila chillaoonga kurta phad ke

It has been a while since a post appeared in this category, for most memories are either not worth documenting, or the other extreme where they don’t meet PG-13 standards.  The later years of school is probably the most memorable for many, that is if you’ve gone to a good school. That’s the time when […]

Shaktimaan will punish you

Shaktimaan was India’s first television superhero and hence commanded a roaring fan following among kids. There was a time when the streets and parks would be empty and the kids all glued to the television, for their favorite superhero would greet them on the tube. After the highly engrossing epics of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana and […]

Cross platform compilers

Let the title of this post or the image to the left not scare you away. This has never been a tech blog and shall always steer clear of that temptation to be one. A more suitable title for this post would have been, ‘Crass plate farm kaam pilers‘. On second thought it seems to […]

Good morning senior saar

College is the best thing that ever happened to me and I’d go back given a chance. To my knowledge almost everyone would, so big deal. As part of the flashback series we continue from where we let off in the previous post. For those who’ve come in late, a quick recap. Me and a […]

Oops I ragged her again!

As India yesterday celebrated Teachers Day to commemorate the birth of the second President of free India Radhakrishnan garu, I tried to recollect some of the horrible things I have done. I am not going to mislead anyone by claiming that I have been the teachers pet. I’d rather say that I was a teacher’s […]

Return of the JD

The image to the left may suggest that this post is going to be a watered down take on the greatest movie series ever. Regular reader will however be quick to spot the title and realize that this is the much awaited sequel to this post. For those who joined in late, JD was our […]

I speak bleak, you speak meek

We Indians are head and shoulders above all when it comes to butchering the English language. Any attempts to hand the Chinese a gold medal in this event will not be tolerated. They think that they speak English, whereas ours atleast remotely sounds like it! I was finishing up a post just as my friend […]

Dappan Koothu

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