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Two movies, a King and a City

||Agni Skalana Sandhaghdharipu Varga Pralya Radha Chatrapathi Madhyamdhina Samudhyath Kirana Vidyuddhumani Khani Chatrapathi Thajjem Thajjenu Thadhim Dhirana Dhim Dhim Thakita Nata Chatrapathi Urvii Valaya Sambhavyavara Swacchanda Gunadhi…|| ||Khumbhi Nikara Khumbhastha Guru Khumbhi Valaya Pathi Chatrapathi Jhanjha Pavana Garvapahara Vindhyadri Samadruthi Chatrapathi Chanda Prabala Doardhandajitha Dhurdhanda Bhata Tathi Chatrapathi Shatru Prakara Vicchedakara Bheema Arjuna Prathi…|| ||Dhig […]

Dont get rid of the Ridleys…….

Below is an e-mail I received from a friend and social activist asking me to do my part to save the Olive Ridley turtles. Ever since childhood when my friend had a pet tortoise, I have been fascinated by the Testudines. I am quite an avid nature enthusiast and this is my attempt to raise […]

To grade or not to grade…….

P.H.D Comics is the only comic strip I subscribe to and accept that I am not cool enough to read popular ones like Dilbert, Calvin & Hobbes etc simply because I can’t relate to them. I was never a fan of comic strips though I still remember the joy in snatching the Economic Times from […]

Indian student needs our help

Suresh Penchala, an Indian student at The Eastern Illinois University(EIU) is in critical condition and needs our help. Find more in this Journal Gazette news article. Aug 14th at 9:30PM, Suresh set out to E.I.U, Charleston,IL in a 97 model Toyota RAV4 by road along with a friend of his Nishant Etala. He was supposed […]

My contribution to the english language

Inspired by ga_woo & crabbycool Fountainasia: An infection that urges college students to take evening walks to a nearby fountain & spend hours washing their feet in the water. Freefoodiacs: A group of people who maintain a separate calender to mark free trips, lunches, dinners etc.

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