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JMS Pand

Mahishasura’s nose ring: The gumbal – Part 3

Continued from here. The story so far JMS Pand finds a strange looking ring with an inscription in his grandfathers ancestral heirloom. The ring is believed to be the nose ring of the demon mahishasura and must be destroyed by throwing it into the makaravillaku in Sabarimala. Ganesh Damodaran, a friend of Pand’s grandfather consults with a seer Saruggan […]

Mahishasura’s nose ring: The gumbal – Part 2

Continued from here. Saruggan was a complex creature, despite being a seer he also had a penchant for collagen shots. Though he meditated in the Elephanta Caves, he also owned an awful palace in Bandra.  While Ganesh Damodaran(henceforth referred to as Gandoo) drew his powers from kundalini experiences, Saruggan drew his powers from romancing starlets and women […]

Mahishasura’s nose ring: The gumbal – Part 1

“Orei panduranga, why don’t you take all this so-called family heirloom and put them in the attic. I’m sure there is room for it and they can rot for another 300 yrs after which some museum will pay for them.” Bilahari Basavaiyya had recently found out that their family owned an ancestral home in Guntur and was […]

The Bai Who Dumped Me – Part2

Continued from Part-1 Pand and Sunita are welcomed by R-Zed’s executive assistant, BRA who takes an immediate liking for Pand. Bhavani Rajeshwar Amrapurkar was an ardent fan of SRT, and hence decided to weirdly abbreviate her name. After Manpreet Brar did well at the Miss Universe pageant, she preferred to go by the name Ms.Bra […]

The Bai Who Dumped Me – Part1

A janitor on the deck of a Korean army vessel of the port of Vizag, finds the missile door open and sounds the alarm. A quick inspection reveals that a couple of armed missiles are missing. Anjaneyulu Sastry a.k.a ‘Loo’, the chief of the Andhra Police Covert Operations(APCO) summons JMS Pand to investigate. Daabal-sevan-woh(770) learns […]

From Alappuzha With Love – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 Pand returns to his hotel room to find Pankajam spread like an eagle on his bed in a very enticing position. She takes it upon herself to personally take Pand out of the way and invites him to spend the night with her saying, “I hope you’re not ready for this“. […]

From Alappuzha With Love – Part 1

It’s another cold winterly night in Hyderabad as our man daabal-sevan-woh struts down a dark alley. As he passes a homeless guy sleeping on a bundle of Deccan Chronicle editions, the streetlight flickers frantically and goes out. From the shadows the homeless man springs up and swiftly begins following our man into the darkness. After […]

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