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Ever been in love?

Love is word that has been highly abused like its other 4-letter cousin It is used whenever something inexplicable happens, and people do crazy things under the excuse that love made them do it. Then there are tons of definitions that are used to churn out hundreds of movies by the Indian Cinema Industry. People […]

What is love?

On Sunday night, a friend asked me this question and it took me sometime to conjure a fitting answer. Love is pain, feeling it and yet being able to smile and bear it. Love is feeling jealous and envying the elements. Love is finding pleasure in the pain of separation as you long to see […]


“To look into his eyes first thing as you awaken. To be with your loved one at the dining table and not be able to eat a morsel. To be miles away from my man, and then suddenly smell his body, and be overwhelmed by memories. To speak for hours on the phone, when he’s […]

Dappan Koothu

Movies, Matter, Satire