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Two states and three naris

Friends, Gults and Telanganamen, lend me your beers. Budweiser, Corona and Heineken don’t match Kingfisher or even Haywards 5000 and are relegated to Horse piss. Reporting form the riot-stricken streets of Hyderabad, wearing pink to avoid being pounded, this is ace reporter and journalist par excellence Munna Mobile. I know I can put Arnab Goswami […]

Bhabhi chale Copenhagen

Folks, this is Munna Mobile reporting from across the Atlantic or whichever water body is closest to here in Denmark. Since we don’t have a camera person or a cute news reader to talk to in the studio, we shall regale the motley crowd(for arguments sake lets assume atleast someone reads us) that reads this […]

Attack of the fish eating cows

Brothers and their sisters, this is Munna Mobile reporting from the bunker bringing you news you cannot use! It was recently brought to our notice from a source who we wish to not reveal, about the existence of a weird phenomenon. Apparently what happened and we swear we aren’t fabricating details here, a cow was […]

Goats suffer from recessionitis

Readers, This is ace reporter Munna Mobile bringing you news that you cannot use from our bunker in the hinterlands. This past month there have been a lot of news makers like cricketers, angry marathas, Shilpa Shetty and goats. Yes you heard it right goats, I mean who would ever think that the poor innocent […]

Balance the equation

After a few posts of southie balderdash that got nobody’s attention and almost had people taking us of their blogrolls, I’m back! Yes bhaiyon aur unke behenon, This is Munna Mobile bringing you news that you cannot use from our secret bunker in the hinterlands. The title of this post may seem out of place […]

Kasab Ka Samna

While the nation is still reeling from the 62nd I-Day celebrations, reality shows do their desh bhakti specials, movie channels repeatedly cycle screening Roja, Dil Se and Rang De Basanti, we are inundated by tweets and SMSes that are supposed to fill us with patriotic fervor. We don’t wear our patriotism on our sleeve but […]

Words from the father

We generally don’t have a family promotion program but this is a rare guest post from the big man. It began as a comment to the previous post but then ended up being a guest post. Not sure if this will be a regular feature, for he seems to have an awful lot of time […]

Om jai lalu hare

Om jai lalu hare swamy jai lalu hare chaare ke ghotaale railway ke mantralay rabri sangh door kare Om jai lalu hare Kitne scam mein pakde gaye phir bhi jail na gaye Swami phir bhi jail na gaye ghar mein cricket teaam banaye bihar gaye tel lene paisa toh hain desh ka Om jai lalu […]

Thala Ajith fans can now become real citizens

This is roving reporter Munna Mobile bringing you the news bites of the week. There have been a lot of issues grabbing the headlines this past week, but we at Dappan Koothu only bring you the news that matters. It began with the Chief Minister of Karnataka falling of his chair, and thus giving rise […]

Pirates of the Aden

These are bad times with pirates ruling the seas. There was a time when the Vikings spread havoc for European merchant ships and captured their wares and wine. Now the same has moved a few latitudes lower from Scandinavia to the Horn of Africa. Our sources tell us that it is a result of the […]

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