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Supremely Sublime Movies of 2011

There may not have been too many posts on the blog this year but that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any bad movies this year. While other blogs/sites are compiling their lists of the best of the year, I’m here doing what I do best. You are wrong if you think I’m gonna list […]

The 2010 Dandanakka Awards – Part 2

We’ve got to admit that the IPL is killing every one, it’s not just the excitement in the grounds, but also of it with sleaze and scandals that even rocked the parliament. The killer however is the fantasy league I run, which has been draining me. Keeping track of player form, injuries, predicting performance and […]

Review: Prince – Brain mapping complete

Yes I know what you’re thinking. With part-2 of our awards ceremony still in the drafts, we’ve churned out another movie review. Well like Ravi Shastri says, “That’s what the doctor ordered” and hence we have to break the sequence. It is movies like this that makes this blog what it is today and our […]

The 2010 Dandanakka Awards – Part 1

Ah late coming but latest coming. Just when you thought that we had forgotten, we come back with what is our highest traffic generating post each year. Having watched close to 70 films last year and being a avid follower of bollywood, we bring you the 4th Annual Dandanakka Awards. Owing to the success of […]

Review: Ishqiya – Femme Fatale

You don’t have to be a feminist to argue that in Hindi Cinema women often get a raw deal. They are generally reduced to dancing in the Alps in a crepe saree, heckled by goons before the hero takes them to the cleaners, abducted and tied to a chair in the villains lair, or my […]

Supremely Sublime Movies of 2009 – Part 2

We would like to acknowledge the positive feedback we received for Part-1 of this compilation. Despite getting requests for similar lists in Tamil and Telugu, we chose to refrain because those lists would go into multiple parts. We however promise to make this a regular feature and hope it would serve as a guide to […]

Supremely Sublime Movies of 2009 – Part 1

Another year crawls to an end and that means it is time we looked back at the fruits, our beloved Hindi cinema gave us. With everyone compiling their own lists of the best movies of the year and arguing over their choices, we prefer to ignore them. We aren’t going to squabble over why Kaminey […]

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