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Audio Review: Karzzz – Himsa Raagam

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a ‘param bhakt‘ of ‘Shri Himeshwarji Maharaj‘. For those new to this space or ones with bad memory, click this post to read about my ‘apaar bhakti‘. Most of the famous desi portals have safely ignored carrying a review of the year’s biggest musical, Karzz. I therefore took it upon me to boldy attempt what no man has ever done beforeto boldy attempt what no […]


Jet Jet Baby…….

For those following this blog would have realized by now that I’m in the desh, and the previous post was quite a hint. I travelled on a combination of Jet and AA and want to tell you that apna desi Jet wins hands down!apna desi Jet wins hands down! The ambiance, the soft spoken flight attendants, the in-flight entertainment, the service, and free drinks! As opposed to AA that charged you $6 for a sip, […]


Is it a bar of chocolate? Is it a musicbox? Is it a phone?

If you’ve seen the latest TV commercial of music playing near some molten chocolate then stop guessing. It’s not a new chocolate bar from Hershey’s(that is what I was thinking when I saw a bar emerge) but a phone! Yes sir, the molten chocolate drips off the bar to reveal the brand new phone by Verizon and produced by LG. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ‘Chocolate‘ I’m not sure if the phone will come […]