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Giving thanks: An award and a tag

It’s not everyday that I get compliments and when I do, I roll in them. For many blogging is a way to rant, for a few it is an outlet, hobby for a few, and ego booster for many! The reasons why I blog have earlier been documented here and we shall therefore not get […]

Nonsencical Updates

Someone asked me if I have been going through a writers block, so let me clarify that no such thing exists. Fact is that I’m too dumb for blocks and all, it’s just that I’ve been spending time on researching plugins and tinkering with them. I’ve had a strong urge to increase the user experience […]

Amma, I’m coming home…….

Ma, I know you don’t read this space very often but still. I know that I’ve been a bad boy, I don’t call you very often. I argue, I fight but I guess that’s how all sons are. Work has been tough and compounded to that living alone doesn’t help either. I want to run […]

Another birthday gone…….

The year 2007 has been a good one, Much better than the previous years on the personal front I must add. Every field has its own share of moments be it Cinema, Cricket, Politics or anything else. I would prefer not to belittle them by attempting to summarize any, but would prefer to reflect on […]

Ah finally…….

My research has finally been approved and is ready to be published. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic juggling work and research at the same time. Any budding-researchers/desi-grad-students-in search-of-funding reading this blog remember, It’s not easy riding two horses at the same time unless you are Zorro! I have now made a so-called […]

Here comes maxdavinci

I’ve lost the original post but this one is to remind my self of the first time I wrote one. The twelveth night of January in 2004 shll be remembered as the night we first blogged. So it shall be written, so it shall be done!

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