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Below are some ramblings from my friend kar who blogs under the moniker ‘sthitapragnya‘. It was actually left as a comment to an earlier post, but I found it post worthy and wanted to share it with all of you.

sunaai hai tumne yeh jo daastaan
khuda bhi hoga isse maezbaan
kyonki samajhta hai woh bhi yeh baat poori
ki hai uski bhi isme apni majboori
jis illat ki baat tumne chhedi hai
uski raahat-o-dawa bas ek hi hai
kehkashaanon mein chhupi woh naaznee
wahi tabeeb banegi tumhare marz-e-dil ki
jaao usise poochho is dard ka ilaaj
jaao, der na karo, kal nahin aaj
bas itna jaanlo
meri baat maanlo
ae mere yaar, jab rab khud is ehsaas ka gulaam hai
tho socho zara, woh bande ke dard ka kaisa hakeem hai?

Welcome to the blogosphere kar, and hope to read more from you.

PS: Please ask the original author for a transliteration, as I don’t speak chaste urdu.

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  • Oh my, this is quite brilliant stuff!

    me: ejjatly my words!

  • Wow! I admit I had some difficulty understanding it. I had to read it a couple of times. And this was a comment? Whatever did he write to receive this? I’m reading that!

    me: he left it as a comment, as he thot it was not worth blogging it!

  • ok, that’s a second post in a row that i didn’t get

    me: I’ve asked him to translate it.

  • Alo nangalum oru poem erudinomla! Adukku mariadai lam illaya? ;)

    Poda ennaku unnom puriyala. Tamizh la eruda sollu.

    me:will a simple sorry be enough?

  • This is kavidai mazhai one too many from chennai! Who are you dancing the nights away by the beach?

    me: ellam ssummave daan

  • @ maami: With all due respect maami, i’m not from chennai! i’m from Hyderabad.

    @ Ok: No offence intended, but cud u translate ur comment. as the one who composed the shayari, i have a right to know wat the comments mean. The translation will follow, if that’s wat u’re luking for.

    @ Nandini: Thank u very much!! I’m glad u liked it. this was in response to max’s post ‘rog…’.

    @Aditya: Thanks a lot!!

    @ Gayatri and all those insisting on a translation:

    “The little tale that u have just narrated
    Even God would me amused by it.

    Because he does undestand,
    That even he is helpless in this case.

    The illness that u talk about,
    There is but, just one remedy.

    The fairy that hides in those galaxies of ur dreams,
    She is but the only one with the cure. (‘tabeeb’ actually means doctor or ‘the one who cures’. so, the line literally translates to ‘she is but ur only doctor’)

    Go to her and entreat her for the remedy
    Go! do not delay! not tomorrow but today!

    But know this,
    And take my word for it!!

    O my Friend! When God himself is a slave of love,
    Then just think! how can he ever treat his devotee.” (Actually, the last two lines literally translate to “O my friend! When God himself is a slave of this feeling (love), Then just think! What kind of a doctor he would make to treat the devotee”.)

    I know my translation sounds ridiculously ‘unpoetic’ in English, but the Urdu version does indeed sound nice! I’m not very poetic by language and honestly, this was my first crack at Urdu poetry, my mother-tongue being Telugu. I’m really glad u guys liked it! i didn’t think i’d get such responses. no empty promises, but i’ll try coming up with more.

    Thanks again!!


  • sorry! typo – “Even God would be amused by it” not ‘me’.

  • Lol! I had written some “funny poetry” in reply to his earlier post:). I was just pulling his leg.

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