Oops I ragged her again!

As India yesterday celebrated Teachers Day to commemorate the birth of the second President of free India Radhakrishnan garu, I tried to recollect some of the horrible things I have done. I am not going to mislead anyone by claiming that I have been the teachers pet. I’d rather say that I was a teacher’s nightmare and my mom never attended any parent-teacher-meeting for she knew that she would always be in the firing line. I was always an out-standing student though, if you know what I’m talking about! The same continued in college and I only had virtual presence in class by proxy. My real attendance though was a 100%  in the volleyball court and the canteen.

We were never the ideal students anyone would look up to, that gang was separate. We’d get into fights, break rules, have tiffs with the staff and engage in
activities that
can’t be mentioned here
engage in anti-social activities that can’t be mentioned here. According to me if you haven’t boycotted classes, got into a scuffle or been suspended in large numbers then you can consider your 4yrs of Engineering worthless. Ragging was probably the most fulfilling experience and here I mean both ragging and getting ragged. A lot of people may get touchy on hearing the ‘R’ word and launch scathing attacks against me. If anybody wants to argue on the inhuman activities that are passed off as ragging then you are more than welcome to be my guest. It’s only those without a spine that get ragged badly and if you cant stand up to a bunch of guys elder to you, then forget the world! The previous line may not go well with many, but then I’ve seen the worst things happen and experience speaks! If a guy from a posh urban school is today lean mean and tougher than most rowdies, then I’d without an iota of doubt attribute it to those four years. So lets not further incite the ragging debate and get to the crux of this post. I have tons of ragging stories but most of them aren’t suitable for family audiences, this one however takes the cake.

We were in the IIIrd yr and the semester had just begun. All the IInd yr students were hanging around the Ist floor verandahs like vultures waiting for their prey. The first floor was reserved for offices in the left wing and fresher classrooms in the right wing. The freshers would walk with their heads hung low and desperately try to avoid eye contact and be conspicuous. They’d rush into their classrooms and bury their heads into their textbooks, praying for the bell to ring and classes to commence. Seniors(IInd n IIIrd yr) would either call the most conspicuous ones out of the classrooms and take them to the ground or canteen or even get into the classrooms and have some fun. I was just sitting on the railing keeping an eye over the proceedings with a sense of deja vu, been there done that! For the uninformed, after tormenting kids for a yr and doing unspeakable things under the name of ragging I was one of the founders of the anti-ragging-squad. Yea yea, we had a free hand and earned a lot of enemies among the staff and hence this was our way of redemption.

I always encouraged healthy ragging but kept an eye so that no one went overboard. Me and my buddy saw this girl walk by in a yellow chudidaar with a long book in hand. My friend was pretty pissed of by the fact that she ignored us and walked past without even greeting. I must tell you that in our part of the country, all freshers greet seniors with a salute and
a good
morning sir/maam
all freshers greet seniors with a salute and a good morning sir/maam. I was busy channeling my energies on a cute girl in CS but my buddy wanted to do something. In a total maddy moment I snapped my fingers twice (it’s pretty loud), she stopped and turned. With my index finger I signaled her to come closer, she frowned and came. I was once again looking at my interesting CS fresher while my friend grilled Ms.Yellow Chudidaar. She wasn’t replying and just stared at him, he lost patience and I had to intervene. With my steely gaze and stern voice I asked her to do the salute and greeting and get one with her day. I could see her quiver and hence didn’t want to stretch things further. She did it but kept turning back and passing cold stares as she walked away. Well we were highly respected among the kids, and most of em’ saw as as messiahs but this one in particular irked my buddy. We went back to scouting for interesting females and telling over enthusiastic kids to back off.

The bell rang and we all trudged back to our classes while the freshers were happy that their prayers were answered. Ms. Yellow Chudidaar had disturbed my friend a lot and he kept talking of her during class. We attended class for we had the guy’s lab in the next hour and lab was something we’d never miss. The bell rang and as we were going to the lab, my buddy was still thinking of ways to get even with Ms.Yellow Chudidaar during the lunch hour.

Suddenly Ms.Yellow chudidaar walks into the lab and announces. Morning students, I am XXXX and I shall be handling this lab from today.

The world stopped rotating for a minute as everything went blank. Me and my buddy hid under the desks and banged our foreheads in the confusion.

(To be continued in part-2…….)

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  • Lol. Great story, waiting for part 2. I feel less embarrassed about asking a rather young looking faculty member what she was planning on doing after graduating. :)

    Having studied UG in the US, I missed out on the whole ragging experience, but thanks to some friends who thought I was taking life too seriously, I’ve been the target of many a prank, including resetting my alarm clocks to go off at 3 AM and painting my face with permanent marker while I was asleep!

    me: Ah face painting! we’d do that when we pulled all-nighters before ejjams!

  • Issssh! Can’t begin to tell you all about my bad behaviour. It’s a miracle that I sailed through school and college and my teachers let me be!
    P.S:I’m Ms.Yellow Churidhar!

    me: If we had lecturers like you, I’d never miss a class! full gyaan!

  • When it comes to teachers, I am at the most agnostic. Not too much of a Teacher’s nightmare or a Favourite. Once a while a good teacher comes by and I respect them but dont intend to become a favourite. When it comes to being an “Ideal Student” you are the one that most people look up to.

    This was a very funny post :) I sort of began to expect the twist in the end and there it happened albeit in a funny way. Now what’s with this part II business, are you planning a trilogy like Maami? argh … Suspenseful killers! May be I should do that in my blog too and make this a blogepidemic.

    me: No trilogy, I’m not that good to hold the readers attention. I just realised that this was getting too long and hence part-2. me and ideal student? thank you thank you!

  • Lol! Thevaya idhelaam? Apdiye finger snapping and all. Great read, and update quick! too much suspense! =D

    me: you shud have seen me then, full maddy style! tee-shart ke upar shirt, cargo pants anol…

  • Although i missed out on all the ragging during college as i was in a virtual jail (my eng college) , i never shirked it during the school days :P

    me: Oh i’ve heard abt colls in Chennai, it’s more like prison cells and the buses have bars across them!

  • haha, well, I got ragged too and I ragged a little too. But I suppose I got off easy considering I didn’t do the usual engg and medicine stuff :)

    me: It’s all funny now. But i’m sure some of my juniors hated me to the core back then!

  • good post :) waiting for your part II eagerly… My college had nil ragging so missed all fun…

    me: I’d go and join Engg again, just so that i can get ragged!

  • That was an interesting read, I never experienced “ragging” , but I suppose pledging for my sorority during Freshman year was as close as I came to it!
    When are you posting part 2?

    me: pretty soon. I feel bad for the SAT likhne wale kids, they so very miss out on such elements. However you ppl do exp a different flavor of life!

  • LOL at the Maddy moment, funny video!

  • OO Yea! You were in that useless ARS right! One futile attempt, that ARS! Courtesy Lachchipati! We ragged our juniors away to glory but you guys were nowhere to be found. Now, I see why. You were in hiding huh?
    When I got ragged, the most embarrassing times were when I was made to do the ‘Chaarana Baarana’ dance, the college salute both of which, I guess are universally embarrassing for everyone in colelge. Then the other times were when we were made to run behind a herd of buffaloes and when we were asked to steal from the sugarcane plantation in front of the college. These make for a full length post. I’ll leave the best moments of ragging for a post as well.

    me: It was a futile attempt coz we made it work that way! The only time when I intervened was when a guy was getting too friendly with a girl, and another was doing extortion! ragging should be made compulsory in all colleges I say!

  • Indha poonayun paal kudikuma?

    Lol, kidding! Maddy eh? Where is your Reena Joseph these days? :P

    me: that’s my selling point! very unconvincing looks and extremely deceptive! Reena va? somethings are best left unsaid.

  • Mail me. Murungakka is here.

    me: Murungakka who?

  • thevaya ithellam? ithula part 2 vera.. anga enna? puthu principal a rag a?
    [btw, why this part 2 business?]

    me: it was getting too long for a single post and i was sleepy, hence two parts.

  • Ayyo, I loved college. Only ours was all-girls. I koothu adichufied wonly, but no fun without the boys ;)

    My husband has HORRIBLE ragging stories from his REC days. I mean – those are gross, horror movie substance.

    me: Horror stories here also, but they are not family friendly!

  • My college… wow… The only COLLEGE in Chennai. Talking to, leave alone ragging, a lecturer is next to impossible in our college for the sheer absence of any.

    But once we did this to a MBA first year. When we learnt that she was from MBA, my friend was very cool to reply “What difference does it make? You are still a junior when it comes to this college”.

    me: Sometimes I feel that engg in Hyd was the best thing that ever happened!

  • I meant ENGG COLLEGE that is not a school…

  • […] Oops I ragged her again! […]

  • […] Oops I ragged her again! […]

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