Return of the JD

The image to the left may suggest that this post is going to be a watered down take on the greatest movie series ever. Regular reader will however be quick to spot the title and realize that this is the much awaited sequel to this post. For those who joined in late, JD was our Phy.Edu teacher in school who had a penchant for butchering the queens language. After a rather embarrassing incident during our quarterly exams, he took spoken English classes. The next few months were pretty incident free and we were always praying for some action. Our prayers were finally answered in February when the school announced an excursion to ‘Srisailam and Nagarjun Sagar‘. Our class teacher was unable to accompany us and therefore JD was to step in and take responsibility for us! The news of JD coming with us was more than the fact that us co-ed adolescent teens were going to spend two nights away from home. We were
the IXth
with our hormones
waiting to erupt
We were in the IXth with our hormones waiting to erupt, but it all took a backseat for JD was coming!

The evening before was spent in discussion of what the probable incidents could be and bets were being placed. We were least bothered about packing the stuff in the checklist provided or even staying away from amma for two days. I barely slept that night, not because it was going to be just us and the girls, but because JD was coming! It was 5:30 in the morning and we were all at school in our school uniforms and JD was calling out the roll count and collecting permission forms signed by the parents. The girls looked great with their hair let loose and makeup, hell I was 14 so shut up and continue reading! Most parents had come to drop of their wards and especially the folks of the girls. Each one of them wanted JD to take special care for their ward, it made us boys look like savages though! One maal-girl lets not take names now, had brought her little sister along. The little one very enthusiastically hopped on to the bus and refused to get off. She was barely in the IVth I guess and threw a small tantrum saying that she wanted to go with her sister.

No mummy, No daddy, yenny baady kidnap you, who respaansibull?

All that the laughing and chatter suddenly came to a stop as everybody looked puzzled. The silence was broken by the cry of the dazed girl who didn’t understand what happened, but sure knew that JD was angry and hence yelled. It was really hard to control and everyone including the parents broke out into peals of laughter. It died down soon and we were all ready to leave. JD had made the girls sit in the font and us boys towards the rear and he went to sit near the driver. There were four buses and we saw the other buses had no such seating and we soon rearranged ourselves(couple seating obviously!). Once the bus hit the highway, we passed cassettes to the driver and were singing and dancing in the aisles.

Arrey woh, who is doing kaabarey in the backside re? This is school bus or mehendi galli? raaskels!

For those who didn’t get the joke, ‘Mehendi Galli’ was a famous landmark in Hyderabd during the rule of the Nizams. Also called ‘Mehboob Ki Mehendi’ it has been referenced in many films. So long story short it was famous for its courtesans and hookah bars. Who am I kidding, we didn’t know this shit then, the laughter was reverberating in the bus and we failed to pay further attention. We reached Srisailam and once again formed lines for the roll count and were being split into groups of ten. It was around noon and the February sun was beating down upon us. The girls in the line were in the shade of the busses while we guys were at the suns mercy.

aye you sun rising baays, come here and start lining!

The sweltering heat had made us forget about our ravishing female companions and even more JD. All the droopy eyed ones as well as the chirpy ones were suddenly jolted for we failed to comprehend his wise words. It took a while to realize that he asked us poor guys to form a new line int he shade of the buses so that we could be spared by the blazing sun.  It was very thoughtful, but I could see the guys from other sections turning green in envy, for we seemed to  be having the most fun and making the loudest noise! JD was miffed by couples coochie-cooing and gathered all of us to play kabaddi.

If you out-going the box you are out, if you are in-coming then you play

Cellphones were still a luxury in India during those days and even incoming was charged! If any of you thought that that he was telling us how mobile communication worked then you are mistaken. JD here was just explaining the rules of one of the the oldest desi games. The rest of the trip was pretty peaceful though I can’t remember any other gems right now. Do leave a comment if you liked it or have any similar stories.

PS: I liked him a lot, and now do feel bad for all we’ve done.
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  • […] Return of the JD […]

  • Lol! Inspired stuff, was it not? ;)

    • shaat up useless! that’s our lil secret!

      • eviti raa? ikkada mantanaalu? emi jarugutondi ikkada? enti aa ‘secret’u? ee pappulu ikkada udakavu. kakku, eviti aa rahasyam?

        me: rahasyams are no longer rahasyams if divulged you silly! How did you even pass Xth I say!

        • “enna da? Enna solra? Enna nadakardhu inga? Enna andha secret? Adha inga eduthu vidu. Sollu, enna andha secret? ”

          I’m right a? I also telsify telugu. Konjam konjam :)

          me: muli-lingual you are I see!

          • I’m guessing you got it right. I’m not really sure. All I understood was “enna da? Enna andha secret? Sollu, enna andha secret? ”. The rest, I shall leave it max to translate for me. Translator! Do it, I say! Come aan! mmmm….

            • Max gaaru! Okka translator pumpisthandi!
              Us linguists need our tools. :P

              • Max ‘gaaru’ va? Cha….Come aan, I say! Say – Oreyi Max ga! Translate cheyyaraa!

          • I’m a lot of things. :)

  • I am vandering how the queen pheels.

    How about opening the windows to let the atmosphere in?

    me: ha ha, Infact that did happen in part one! here it is. BTW, welcome to this space!

  • Mehndi Gali was also called ‘Badnaam Gali’, for obvious reasons. It is sometimes referred to by that name even today. It is very close to today’s AP High Court and is adjacent to the Police Headquarters!
    A person seeking directions to the Police Headquarters (in Hyderabadi Hindi, with a thick accent) – “Chicha! yahaan pulees had-kwatter kahaan par hai, maaloom hai kya?”
    A prompt reply – “Areyyyy, kya yaaron! itta bhi nai-maaloom? Yaheech hai na, apne Badnaam Gali pe!”
    Waah! What a location for the headquarters for the law-keepers and the judiciary!

    BTW, send JD to Russel’s Spokun Yingleesh!

    • I knew you wud share some old city wisdom here!

  • “Arrey woh, who is doing kaabarey in the backside re? This is school bus or mehendi galli? raaskels!”
    … so THAT’s where you learnt what you put to good use in the college bus, eh?

    me: arrey you raaskel, don’t open yuvar mouth I say!

  • lol, that sent me back to our excursion trips. Unfortunately it was an all-girls school which just meant more rowdism, blatant talk and maha sighting across buses or whichever boys school landed at that spot! hehe

    me: I’m glad you liked it!

    • I’m not complaining! let there me more all-girls schools and more co-ed schools. All-boys schools are the most depressing though!

  • Couple seating, coochie-cooing at 14 ah? Avlo periya thilalangadi ah nee?

    • Enna nenakara nee namma max paththi? Avan Usian Bolt-oda romba fast. ;)

      me: tankoos tankoos, take that adi!

    • Rush of hormones saar! what can we say? These kids I tell you! Sigh!

    • dho da, Tiger is giving the lion a seminar on vegetarianism!

      • Aeyi!! Waat naansense, I say! This is outrageous, the accusations! *blushing*

        me: guilty conscience pricks the mind! That was in reply to adi, but then wat the hell!

        • Oops! *simper* I feel smaller than a microbe now! Cha…

  • Good post with nice title and picture. I guess everyone probably has JD-likes in their school. We had a bunch. “I talk he talk middle middle why you talk?” was the usual sentence formation.

    me: ROFL @ middle middle talk! guess we all have such stories!

  • LMAO at Mehendi Gali :D

    @gradwolf Nee unuum worse aah irindirpe ;)

    me: Thnx for the support!

  • If anyone wants my opinion I’d say start at the earliest, do lots of homework in school wonly-co-ed, swing from same side no matter, it’s irrelevant. Just Do It when you are teen, young and happy!
    -I yam of course talking about doing excursions!

    me: maami, you shud’t be teachin kids all this!

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