Michael Jackson the legend…..

Michael Jackson is still the undisputed king of pop!
A few music videos found their way to the Maxstation and ever since me has gone kinda crazy. There r very few others who wud invest so much cash as well as effort into making those painstaking music videos.

Controversial or not, artificial nose, kids etc I care a damn. Irrespective of how an individual he is in real life, his videos r top class! Put aside everything n laud him 4 wat he does the best, churning out gr8 songs.

The last album ‘Invincible’ recieved lukewarm response but on the whole MJ is still right up there. Any1 who has seen his videos like Liberian girl, Smooth criminal, Blood on the dance floor, Black or white, Earth song, Thriller, Remember the time etc will surely agree.

But wat made me really stand up was his performance at the 1995 MTV Video music awards. That was the first time i saw MJ live on stage n boy it was mind blowing.

If u still don’t believe me then go get a VCD of ‘ghosts’. Yep it’s almost like a movie but 30 mins long. Choreography, the make-up, Sets n last but not the least the music all superb…

MJ wen u sang ‘give it 2 me’ i didn’t realise wat u meant but now I give u all the respect i never felt like giving u b4.

MJ u rock!