2 yrs gone, wounds not yet healed…

At the Godhra station on Feb. 27, where a couple of train coaches were burnt, killing many Hindu Ram Sewaks and others, including women and children. Following is a story compiled by me from various sources i.e papers, internet, and new channels. I claim no resposibility 4 the authenticity of my story, but this is my space n I have the rite 2 post watever i feel is rite! I am sorry if i have hurt the sentiments of any community, but I didn’t mean to cause any pain 2 any individual whomsoever.


While what happened at Godhra must be strongly condemned, I attempt to put the whole event in a broader context.

The tragic burning incident of Sabarmati Express, which took place about one km away from Godhra railway station on February 27, , has thrown lot of questions. However, u may notice many aspects and facts which have been ignored.

S-6 and two other compartments of Sabarmati Express were carrying the VHP’s kar sevaks that day. The whole incident took place due to the kar kevaks in S-6. The sequence of events did not begin at Godhra station, as was spread everywhere. The ghastly sequence of events, on the other hand, started at Daahod railway station, which is 75 km before Godhra.

The train reached Daahod railway station . Karsevaks got down ,went 2 a stall owned by a muslim , after having tea and snacks, attacked and damaged the stall. After the attack they proceeded back to the departing train. The stall owner then filed an N C against the kar sevaks at the local police station. Around 7:15 am the train reached Godhra railway station.

At Godhra, too, the kar sevaks came out of their reserved compartments to have tea and snacks at the small tea stall on the platform. This tea stall was run by an old bearded man belonging to the minority community with the help of a servant. The kar sevaks purposefully started an argument with this old man. They physically assaulted him and pulled his beard to further humiliate the old man.

All the while, the kar sevaks kept on chanting highly provocative slogans like, “Mandir ka nirmaan karo, Babar ki aulad ko bahar karo”. (build the temple and throw Babar’s kids out of the country.).

Then the train started moving from Godhra station. However, before the train completely moved out of the platfom, two stall vendors jumped into the last bogey after the guard cabin. they pulled the chain and the train was stopped. The train came to a complete halt one km away from Godhra railway station. The two vendors rushed to the S-6 bogey and started banging at the door .

Hearing the chaos, people in the vicinity of the tracks started gathering around the train. However, the kar sevaks started closing the windows of the compartment. This had infuriated the mob to retaliate by pelting stones at the compartment.

Soon, the kar sevaks from the adjoining two compartments in front and rear of S-6, got down with bamboo sticks meant to carry their banners. They attacked the mob with the bamboo sticks. This had further infuriated the mob gathered.

Soon, the frenzied crowd started bringing diesel and petrol from trucks and auto-rickshaws standing at the garages in Signal Fadia (a place in Godhra) and burnt the S-6 compartment. some brought the fuel from a near by petrol pump.it could also be a pre-planned act of burning, as is being alleged(i think it is) .but some say It had happened at the spur of the movement, out of sheer frustration of the angry crowd but i don’t believe them.

Soon after this incident, the V.H.P. activists living nearby started burning the garages in Signal Fadia. They also burnt down Baddshah Masjid at Shehra Bhagaad area in Godhra. This was the beginning of the massacre and arson against Muslim minorities that engulfed whole of Gujarat state on the following days,

The police, who reached late, resorted to wanton harassments and arrest of innocent local people of Godhra. Furthermore, without any substantial evidence or proof, the police blamed the Mayor of Godhra.

Thereafter, no journalist or reporter, especially from electronic media like NDTV of Star News, were given access to go anywhere near Godhra railway station.

Clearly the Gujarat and Central Governments want nobody to know this factual story of what had happened at Godhra station that led to the burning of S-6 bogey of Sabarmati Express on February 27 morning.