Indian student needs our help

Suresh Penchala, an Indian student at The Eastern Illinois University(EIU) is in critical condition and needs our help. Find more in this Journal Gazette news article.

Aug 14th at 9:30PM, Suresh set out to E.I.U, Charleston,IL in a 97 model Toyota RAV4 by road along with a friend of his Nishant Etala. He was supposed to stop in Nashville for the night and continue to drive to Illinois the next day. At around 11:30PM, On I-75 just after exit-353 having crossed Georgia into Tennessee, a 18 wheeler ran into them. An unfortunate accident that left Nishant dead, and Suresh badly injured. Suresh was rushed to Erlanger Hospital. Doctors at Erlanger Hospital worked relentless pumping 10 bottles of blood, opening belly and sewing the flowing blood stream until they managed to save his life.

His friends have set up a website to raise money. Suresh does not have medical insurance and Erlanger Hospital has discharged him due to lack of insurance. My school never allowed international students to enroll in classes without insurance, but I’ve heard similar instances in other schools where students have bent the rules to skip insurance.

Now,The Telegu Assocation of Metro Atlanta(TAMA) is involved in helping him and you can make contributions on the website or write them a check.

Students, please drive carefully and don’t bend the rules to reduce tuition. Pass this info to your friends and lets try to save our fellow student.

  • Please take full insurance while renting a car(something which we never do)
  • Always take health insurance and keep your insurance cards handy
  • While driving long distances alone, call your friends regularly to let them know which exits you crossed.