My contribution to the english language

Inspired by ga_woo & crabbycool

Fountainasia: An infection that urges college students to take evening walks to a nearby fountain & spend hours washing their feet in the water.

Freefoodiacs: A group of people who maintain a separate calender to mark free trips, lunches, dinners etc.

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  • and u think ppl will start using these words anytime soon?? :D …..

  • yup, my contribution!

    keep dekhing.

  • wassup with the layout change, dude?

  • long story will tell ya online

  • Keyip Inwhenteeing Words!!! i tok to my brain and will use that when speaking!! also i wanted to call myself somethin cos, engaachum free fod nu naan modhala nippen!! people need a term to discribe me!!!

    me: thnx

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