Reflections are……………………….

Reflections aren’t just from the past
They are things that are here to last
Memories are not just yesterday
They are wondrous parts of us that stay.

Looking back at those things that were so good
Like a happy thought that is as it should.
There are times and people near forgotten
But reflections color things so caught in

The web of our mind, like azure blue sky
Upon the water now caught by the eye.
And stately trees of emerald green
Echoing their past of things once seen.

While laughter comes from so deep within
Yesterday’s warmth can blanket one’s skin.
And as I reflect on times long ago
I pull out the good and the rest I throw

To the winds that are billowing hard;
To the storms that may now sweep the yard;
To places I need no longer go
And I find peace as bright as the snow.