The truth bout us guys….

Guys r much better than gulrz on many occasions lekin there r a few where i feel ashamed 2 b a guy. When it comes to dealing with women we sumhow turn out to b outright jerks!

1) Guys r cowards esp wen dealin with women.
2) Guys can’t face rejection.
3) Guys between 18 n 23 r all assholes.

We may beat up a hundred guys, yet wen it comes 2 women the guts fail the stomache hangs low n a lot other stuff. So wat if u get ditched? Get up n face the world dude! If u wanna say sumthin then just say it. Duniya jaye bhad mein, bas dum hona chahiye.

We cant face rejection thats y we make sure that she wont reject b4 making our next move. Those who r not so clever n get rejected turn into devdas types or go to the extent of harming the gurl.

We r all assholes(includin me). Kya kya kahaniyan sunate hain hum log? Badi badi baatein, Jhoote vadein etc…

If u r a guy n readin this then u will surely disagree lekin andar hi andar both of us know the sach. If u r a gurl u may agree wid me or mayb not…..

Anyways if u have been, then thank you 4 readin…………………….