Ajitrakara, a rishi was a staunch devotee of lord Shiva. He performed numerous yagnas and penances to please the lord but in vain. He decided to perform a maha yagna followed by a very severe tapasya which would last for a month. A fortnight into the tapsya his health failed owing to lack of food and sleep, yet he went on with the sole aim of pleasing the lord. After ten days he was in no position to continue and he lay on the ground sapped out of his energy. He was nearing his end and lord Yama sent his yamadoot to do the required. However the power of ajitrakara’s devotion formed a forcefield around him which the yamadoot and even lord Yama were unable to penetrate, as Ajitrakara lay uncouncious.

Yama pleaded lord Shiva to intervene as it was against the laws of vidhi(fate) to escape the cycle of life. Lord Shiva awoke Ajitrakara and thus broke the forcefield, with the forcefield broken the yamadoot spared no time in grabbing Ajitrakara’s soul. As he was being dragged to hell, Ajitrakara cried to lord Shiva as to why he was being treated with such injustice. The only reason for his penance remaining unfulfilled being his failing health, the lord then appeared and explained that in his previous life Ajitrakara was an evil merchant who never paid his servants and forced them to work till they dropped dead else face the lashes of his whip. However the lord was pleased with his devotion in this life and granted him a boon that, in his next life his health would pose no threat to his profession and even if he failed repeatedly he would always get another chance.

The long-list of 24 probables has room for Aakash Chopra and Piyush Chawla, but none for Virender Sehwag and Sreesanth, the latter out of action with a shoulder injury. Parthiv Patel is the third wicketkeeper in the list and may have a strong case if Dinesh Karthik’s poor run continues in the Bangalore Test. Pankaj Singh, the rookie fast bowler from Rajasthan, Ranadeb Bose and Ajit Agarkar, currently nursing a shoulder niggle, were also part of the list.[link]

Ajitrakara was reborn as Ajit Agarkar…..

Now you know…….