This is also frm my coll lab. Our dept procured a new LCD projector system exclusively 4 us. So most of our classes last sem were like presentations or screen viewings (hooking the CPU 2 the projector, lecturer handles that sys n we all watch). It was during one such VC++ screen viewing that i did this. We were playing volleyball n had missed the first half of the 2hr session. Most of us sneaked in but weren’t able 2 follow a word. So I left the grp n sat on a system. Only a few systems have internet enabled in our side of the lab, It is actually one huge lab split into 2 by screens. So I went over 2 the other side n the first yrs(Mech i think) were abt 2 arrive 4 their C programming lab.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* M * * G1 * * G2 * * B *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So here’s wat i did. Above r 4 comps, the first one labelled M was mine. I pulled the monitor chords of comps G1 & B, then plugged em’ into each others CPU! I am on Ymsgr on my sys n the lab was empty as i was doin this. All my class was on the other partition n the lab assistant was outside askin the students 2 arrange their footwear in the rack. Its around 14:00 so the peons were not in sight. U have 2 be sly, n ultimate stealth is the mantra. Now enter 2 girls who occupy systems G1 & G2 and a boy who occupys sys B.

They switch on their systems, login as user CSIT (its the only user apart frm admin n appears by default) since passwd is blank they hit enter. This was not fun as both of them did it simultaneously. Now G1 & G2 begin talkin while B is tryin 2 click the turbo C++ shortcut on his desktop. It doesn’t open, infact the mouse doesn’t move (obviously!). So he tries pressin a few keys but in vain! He is hittin the start key, esc, Ctrl+Alt+Del but no it refuses 2 budge.

G1 who was busy chitchattin now realises some strange movements on her screen. Its her turn 2 freak out now. The start menu is regularly popping up, the task manager window opens n closes by itself ! This is freaky enuf for sum1 like me n these poor gyus r first yr students. I wasn’t like this in my first yr on engg but these ppl r hopeless. Now cums the fun. The girl is scaerd out of her wits n shuts off the monitor n shares G2’s comp. Meanwhile B has gone upto the lab assistant n called him 2 investigate the mouse which refuses 2 move.

The gyu arrives n so G2 switches her monitor n looks into her burries into her book as if 2 look busy. The lab assistant frantically moves the mouse, removes the ball, bangs the keyboard(this isnt a bajaj chetak!), hits ctrl+alt+del n finally when nothin happens presses the reboot button. G2’s system goes blank n the girl is petrified, she shuts the monitor power off, makes an excuse n dashes out of the lab! I sense that the show drawin 2 an end n sign out of ymsgr n hop back 2 our partition as sly as ever. I place a chair near the partition 2 get the best possible view. Comin back 2 B, the system refuses 2 reboot n now even the lab assistant is perplexed. It is now an izzat ka sawaal n he hits every possible combination on the 104 key keyborard. result? no use! He even shuts the power off but in vain. He curses the system, claims that sum ghost script is running & allots the boy on sys B a new sys n goes away.

Well i had once installed a ghost script on the server. Its a .EXE file called ghost.exe n was found on http://www.klongware.com. No idea if it is still avaliable now. It was a neat utility which automatically took over the sys 4 a few mins. The CD drive would repeatedly eject, the screen would freeze, strange sounds would emit, n notepad would open by itself n start typin some shit abt a ghost that was takin over the comp. If placed on the sys n by editing the autoexec.bat file it worked wonders! So this guy (lab asst) thinks that sum1 has done such a thing.

Soon the bell rang, n we were out of the lab, later i believe the HOD had earlier asked the lab asst 2 put a new RAM into the first 5 comps. This included our comps plus one on the far right (not drawn), so he now scolded the lab asst for negligence while plugging the CPU’s back!