Do you blog?

Dear bloggers,

We are pleased to announce that we are in the final phase of . Our transition to peanut-braininess is complete. You see we hardly work and why should we? We have worked hard enough, pulled strings to get a government and unless the government is privatised(which can never happen) we are not used to work. It’s not our fault though, unions, strikes etc have made us so very thick-skinned that the very mention of the word “work” results in rahes on our arms. Anyways the whole world knows about us and our efficiency so I rather not brag too much.

Now you must be aware of the that shook our business capital. Sadly the are not as efficient as us and like to work(uuugh! I’m using the word too many times). So they go around, detaining people, thrashing up suspects, chasing goons and interrogating people in their sweaty uniforms. This is when they found out that the terrorists used blogs to
get and spread info. Look, I don’t have a problem if the mumbai police want to break the rules from the indian-govt-employee-rulebook and apprehend criminals. But don’t spread the work virus to us!

Now the govt wants us so-called-internet-policing guys to look into the matter. They must be crazy! I didn’t even know what a is, forget shutting them down. I mean If I were that smart my name would be on that slashcomma or thing what ever it be.(I open that in a window to give people the impression I am doing something). So I went to this site called (my son loves it) and type the word blog and pressed a button beside it. Wow! it was awesome there were so many links in my page and I was shit confused.

Finally my son told me that those were results where in the blue lines were links and the green lines were called . From the refresher courses we have (where I only go for the snacks and nap in the A/C conference rooms) I could recollect that you-are-yells were nothing but extended forms of sites. So I again typed the words “” and clicked the button. It gave me another list and when i clicked the first it took me to another page which had a comprehensive list of sites. The name was common to all of them, and I decided to block it.

Now I was quite sure that blogspot was being misused but I don’t have the patience to search through the sea of blogs it has to find my culprit. I refered to the indian-govt-employee-rulebook and decided to block the portal itself. Just to be sure, when I typed it in google I got a link to a site called wikipedia that said it was blocked by pakistan! Now if they can do it, then why should lag behind? Then my 10 yr old son was a movie review and when I asked him, he said that it was also a blog website called .

Ok so now I had this blogger site and another site called typepad and with no patience to do any further research(well all this search work was enough work for 3 months) I made the phone call and wham its blocked! Never knew we had so much power!

bye for now,

, ?