I was overwhelmed with the feedback I got on the last post. You have no idea how happy the death threat made me feel. There are good comments, There are comments that tell you how bad you are and then there are the ones that threaten you with bodily harm. The last category is reserved for the denizens of rediff and I feel extremely pleased for this honor bestowed upon me. I only have one question though, was the ‘shoot at site’ an intended pun or is that how professors these days roll? Hey that was the kick in the rear that I needed to dust the cobwebs of this blog and crank out a new post. Continuing the theme of mythological satire, here’s an attempt to recreate a conversation between the two biggest heavy weights of the hindu religion. From the title of this post you may notice some similarities to a popular Hollywood blockbuster. Kindly direct your love & threats to the comments section.

“O eswara my dearest friend, you look so good today. Has the great snake around your neck shed it’s skin?”

“Should have known it was you the moment I sensed a flowery breeze. There is only one who adorns a garland of flowers in these parts. Vishnu my friend, How can I be of assistance?”

“Oh come on, can I not check upon a dear friend, my best friend that too. I was just passing by & decided to stop & say hello”

“Very well, now the truth. Why did you come here, Narayana?”

“Okay fine! I think’ I’ve found a way to create a self-sustaining new world”

“You know that’s not going to happen, we’ve tried it before.”

“There are no easy hobbies for gods like us. This is what I have, This is what you taught me”

“I never taught you to destroy worlds that were full of innocent beings”

“No, you taught me to create new worlds & put life on them. But after what happened last time, there are not many ways to use that skill”

“What do you need from me, Janardhana?”

“I need you help to do this. If we pull it off the possibilities are unimaginable. We’d have a world that can sustain by itself and we would be able to get in & out at will.”

“So you are here to corrupt me”

“Why don’t you think it over and then decide, you know what I’m offering”.

“Never ending guilt?”

“No, the chance to build an entire world, with humans, animals, trees, rivers, mountains, oceans. Things that never existed, things don’t exist where we are”.

“Dreams aren’t meant to come true, Jagannadha”.

“That’s not what you used to say. You said that if we mastered this, we’d have a whole new way of creating and letting our creations live.”

“And I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

“No, you weren’t. Your vision was a vision of pure creativity. It’s where we took it that was wrong”.

“And now you want me to follow you again into this fantasy.”

“You won’t actually come on the job, you’ll just design the worlds and bring me into your dream”

“Design them yourself.”

“Lakshmi won’t let me.”

“Come back to reality, Vishnu. Please.”

“You want to know what’s real, Jatadhaari? Us having a world for ourselves where we can enter as incarnations and leave at our will. This job-this last job-is how we could get
there. I wouldn’t be standing here if there were any other way. I need a creator who’s as good as I was.”

“My creator days are over, I’m more of a destroyer now. But I think I know someone better. But how are you going to achieve this?”.


“Go away, it cannot be done. Are you telling me you want to create worlds inside worlds?”

“This is why you are so awesome, O Bholenatha”

“Look we’ve created worlds before and you know we cannot control how our creations behave. There is always this struggle between the good & bad.”

“Yes I know and as long as there is a balance between the two, things are fine. When evil grows in strength and upsets this balance is where things go wrong”

“Exactly and that is when I am forced to destroy the world before the evil can manifest itself. Knowing this very well you now speak of Inception. You may create this world but you cannot force everyone to choose the path of righteousness. Evil will just find a way, we can’t mess with free will Narayana”.

“We’ll have to manifest ourselves each time, evil grows stronger and put an end to it.”

“By that you will be altering the balance, that will make the world unstable”

“Precisely, so we then go a level deeper and create a new world. O Maheshwara, I’m sure you see my point.”

“How deep do yo plan to go?”

“10 levels, 10 worlds, 10 incarnations.”

“You think that will work?”

“I know it will work. So who’s this creator guy you talk about.”

“A fine chap called bramha, you will need to enter his dream along with a manifestation of himself which will dream up newer worlds for you & his subsequent manifestations to enter.”

“Where do you think you’re going? I’ll need you. Never know what we’re gonna be up against. You are the destroyer like you said. You have to be the one initiating the kick to bring us out.”

“I know it is a bad idea but I can’t let you do this by yourself. Fine I’ll go and be your destroyer. You can be the protector & Bramha will create worlds for us.”

“There’s only 1 thing though, we’ll someone to kick Bramha out of his dream so that it traverses all the way to the 10th world and only then can we come out.”

“Leave that to me, I’ll have Nandishwara take care of that.”

“Fantastic, Why don’t you talk to Bramha and then send word for me. We must get started at once. I shall take your leave now dear friend.”

Nandishwara, you may stop hiding. I know you have been listening all the while”

“Pardon me O Eswara, I had come to seek counsel and could not help but eavesdrop. ”

“Now that you’ve heard everything, you probably know that we shall need your services.”

“Always at your service my lord. You think this will work?”

“No it won’t! Vishnu is being way too optimistic. His theory is based on the assumption that as we get into deeper worlds, the power of dharma all grow stronger. He is right, for infact they grow exponentially stronger. He wishes to set examples in every world through his incarnations by doing good deeds. If all goes according to plan, humans will follow the path set by him and the world will sustain by itself.”

“That sounds like it could work. What does Maheswara fear?”

“Ah my gullible Nandi, Jagannadha has swayed you with his charms. You forget that adharma will also grow exponentially as we traverve worlds. By the time we reach the tenth world, the collective power of adharma will be as strong as us. We may not be able to vanquish it but only manage to keep it at bay.”

“Which is when I will initiate the kick and yank the three of you out of the dream.”

“You will do no such thing, If we exit the worlds without defeating evil, it will grow stronger and manifest itself out of the dream. Here it will not be bound by anything and have the entire galaxy at its disposal. We will be no match for it.”

“But Maheshwara, you could be locked in there for ever! How can I let you do this, now that I know the danger involved.”

“Hope, there is always hope and I have seen it in Vishnu’s eyes. We may only be able to keep evil at bay but it can be defeated by the good deeds of mankind. Vishnu has hope in mankind and that they will be inspired by him to walk on the path of dharma. That and that alone can vanquish the evil. As long as there is hope, I can’t turn a blind eye.”

“O eswara, you are the supreme being. You know what you are doing. I hope you succeed.”

“We all hope the same.”

PS: This post is purely written in jest, but then you already know that. Don’t you?

(Image Courtesy: Sulekha)