Jai Mata Di Lets Rawk

I have always been a secret Himesh fanboy ever since ‘Aap ki Kashish‘ way back in 2005. I was never a big fan of his Salman Khan movies but Emran Hashmi has inspired Himesh bhai in ways like never before! Himesh has often been hated and is the butt of all jokes at gatherings and my adulation has therefore always been restrained. I feared being mocked at for my Himeshmania and hence it was always either on my iPod or at home on full blast while roommates were in school. Now I have a CD of Himesh hits permanently in my car and living alone means that I can listen and croon along whenever I want to. You may hate him, you may love him but when you hear his songs in an auto you’ll find your heads nodding to the rhythm. Forgive me Ganeshal for I have sinned yet again and come out of the closet! Since I’m making confessions, let me go ahead and make one more. I watched ‘Aap ka Suroor’ just for the songs and I absolutely
the violins
in the title track!
I absolutely dig the violins in the title track!(chck dis) I just pray that these startling comments of mine don’t scare my readers away.

Coming to the main reason for this post, I’m also a big fan of game shows. My weekend is spent catching up on all desi shows like SaReGaMaPa on Zee, Voice of India on Star Plus, Junoon on NDTV Imagine and Laughter Challenge on Star One. Occasionally I also catch the Khan game shows Paanchi Paas on Star Plus and Dus ka Dum on Sony. This weekend SaReGaMaPa had a Himesh special theme and it meant a huge bonanza of Himesh songs for fans like me. When it comes to reality shows the governing authority on blogging is the DriftGuru Aspi. A Himesh special is something that is too hard to resist as I proceed without his permission. After a brief intro of his journey in the industry from TV serial Producer to performing live at the Wembley Statium to a packed house, Himesh finally takes stage.

I go get my Sprite, Salsa and Chips and then, Thanda! Himesh saab gives an acha insaan speech on badlaav and topis. I’m still hopeful for the mayhem to start any moment and I just get the whole packet of chips while he speaks. He starts of with his first song ‘Odh Li Chunariya‘, which understandably was his first ever song. He then sticks to the same theme with ‘Teri Chunariya‘, but when that was followed by ‘Tere Naam‘ I begin to cringe. When he sings a rendition of ‘Teri Yaad‘, I can sense the mood. It’s more like an exhibition of his soulful songs and show people that he can churn out such stuff as well. I get up and to put the chips packet in the kitchen shelf, when all of a sudden he breaks into ‘Ashiqui mein teri‘ and then ‘Naam hain tera tera‘(Deepika Padukone was a music video girl then). Hell Yeah! This is the stuff that I and all the autowallahs in the audience want to hear. Then comes the most awaited song of the day and the one that shot him to super stardom. It was short lived as he then just moved his lips to the track of ‘Jhalak‘ and firang dancers were prancing around the stage.

The chips and Salsa find their places on my shelf and the Sprite is back in the fridge as the contestants croon to Himesh hits. Again an thanda performances follow each other as every contestant seemed to find the mellowest of Himesh songs to sing. The judges looked distraught and were visibly upset with most of the contestants. Everybody had the same comments like  sur,taal,leh, feel, fear etc. The only decent performance of the day came from a female contestant of the ‘Lakshya Gharaana‘ where she sang ‘Dil Mahiya le Gaya‘. The knockout performance of the day however came from a self confessed ‘Himeshji ka pirated version‘. The guy was dreseed in black with a cap and trenchcoat! His rendition of Aashiq banaya Aapne was the only saving grace of the evening, Himeshji even did an encore with him on Shankar’s behest. What satisfied me the most was that, one of my fav Himesh songs which isn’t as popular as the others was sung by a contestant. Some may call it waahiyaad for its lyrics and picturization but, hey! I like it and this is my blog. Beautiful vocals by Sunidhi Chauhan and Priyanka wasn’t too bad either, I swear  that I heard the song before I saw it.