Kahani sitcoms ki

Its 8:30 in the evening, and for the common man, the busy weekday has just ended, but for millions of households in today’s INDIA, the day has just begun. The TV which was known before as the Idiot Box because of the unnecessary attention children paid to it, watching Cartoons or other programs. Such a nick-name was given to the television, because it distracted school going children from their regular studies. But now the Idiot Box has become a source for cultural rejuvenation, and it is once again being called the television set. How did this change come by? Did the television really become a source for rejuvenating the Indian Culture in the hearts and minds of young Indians, our future generation? Well that’s what many families believe nowadays, with the advent or birth of the Indian SOAP-OPERA.

America went through the SOAP-OPERA, revolution in the mid-80’s and the early 90’s with serials such as The Bold and the Beautiful and Santa Barbara, where American House-wives or should I say Home-makers watched intensely after finishing the daily chores. The SOAP-OPERA was like answering the prayers of millions of frustrated House-wives who were tired and bored with their lives and instead were more interested in peeking into the lives of other people.

“Oh My God, that’s not her child”, well we get the picture don’t we? Today’s generation of parents and grandparents say that the Indian SOAP-OPERA’s are just short stories portraying real life situations in decent Indian Families, well I say its all a bunch of CRAP! Till date I have not seen one episode of a “Kyunki…or a Kahani…” which has set me thinking, or has been intellectually stimulating.

My argument is today’s Indian Youth is already waging a HUGE cultural war with the previous generation who have constrained themselves with their Orthodox views. These serials which are being made by NOT 90 yr old grandma’s of Indian Culture but by successful 25-30 year old (MODERN) men/women, are wreaking havoc on the mind-sets of the Older generation.

These serials in my view are only useful as a handbook in dealing with situations such as the resurrection of one’s Husband after 25 yrs of being dead, or finding out that your dead ex-wife is not really dead but has had plastic surgery (preferably in a foreign country) and has come to take revenge on your family for what they did to her.

I mean for heaven’s sake, these are not practical situations in today’s society, probably in some warped World where Pig’s fly or something.

Personally i like calling them Adult Cartoons very similar to Adult Diapers!!!!. These SOAP’s are just a dirty excuse for today’s parents and grandparents who like playing peeping tom, and having nothing productive to do with their lives, the worst part is when they start judging our lives in retrospect to these sick serials.

Where has the Indian Entertainment Industry come to? We already suffer from bearing a Film Industry where the Hero still chases the heroine around trees! And then these SOAP’s just have to add to it.

Agreed today’s Young are exposed to a lot of negative elements in the TV-savvy world, but watching a serial where the lack of intimacy on the screen is well compensated by making issues such as Extra-Marital Affairs and Incest an integral part of the story line, doesn’t make things any better. Recently in an awards show of a popular “M”usic channel TV, they decided to have the lead character of one of the more popular “Adult Cartoons” as a nominee for India’s Youth ICON.

I was Shocked, just because a particular actor/actress is capable of crying non-stop for half an hour doesn’t make her a Icon, and definitely not a YOUTH Icon.

The very purpose of this article was to voice my Opinion about these kind of shows, and to express my disappointment in the Indian Entertainment Industry for not being able to achieve meaningful prime-time television, rather it is known for its expertise in toying with pointless bursts of emotion on the screen.

And for the people especially the young people who avidly watch these serials with their jaws hanging wide open waiting for the next dialogue to be delivered, i have this message for them: