As I write this hundreds poor govt service people are reading obscenely long questions on the Telangana issue, tackling the PW, bearing the brunt of voting the congress into power, shivering at the fact that they will have to live with this foe the next five years and understanding the two biggest paradoxes life and women. My exquisite portfolio of courses, which is sheer snake oil on the fraud scale, has no midterms whatsoever. So I sit around and think of education, which makes me think of school, which makes me think of how it was, and how I wished it was.

I always had this fantasy thing going on when I was in school. In my moments of self-aggrandizing introspection I would oh so often make these wild disaster movie type stories in my head (most of which turned out to be true!), all with me walking in through thick white smoke, and saving the poor exploited guy, his dog, one national monument and getting the girl (now that was fun!). I would then walk far far away into a blazing orange sunset, valiantly dwindling in size till the curvature of the earth got in the way and you couldn’t see me anymore.

There were no bad guys in any of them I think. I used a lot of guns, bazookas, long swords and probably every gadget and weapon ever used! , but never killed any people. Only animals that were definitely not endangered and aliens I was sure had no emotions and no families back on their home planets. When I shot a cloned rabid Saturnian chicken it died immediately and without pain (neat right?).

So a lot my further posts will feature these missions which inspired big time movie flicks. Many say these are my hallucinations and may get me into trouble some day. Well mortals will ever remain so gullible.  Many say I have a split personality disorder, Yeh yeh mortals again so silly.