No singles left to mingle

India is growing dynamically in every field. Today, the boom in economy, innovative technologies and improved infrastructure has become nationโ€™s pride. The country has witnessed advancements in all fields but bias against a girl child is still prevailing in the country. India is one of the few countries where selective sex gender bias exists till today. The onslaught of feminism has not allowed Indian women to revolt against the century old systems. For centuries together women have played their roles of being the provider and sustainer of families without even a thank you note at the end of their lives. It has been proven where ever women have been given freedom they have changed the world and made a better place to live in. Now all these heavy dialogs may give you the wrong impression but let us clear that air. We totally support women and the cause of the girl child, but today we are here to voice our opinion against single women. It is true that there is a dearth of single women all over and the shortage is even acute when it comes to desi women. It is often said that what goes around comes around, not sure if that’s true but hurling a ball at a wall will surely rebound. All these years of oppression and heinous acts like foeticide, infanticide and selective human breeding has come back to kick us in the nuts.

This past few weeks, the same topic has been coming up in a lot of chat convos with various people and hence we decided to research it
DappanKoothu style
research it DappanKoothu style. Like any good researcher we first need to ask ourselves the question, what the real issue? Once we’ve found the issue, we try to identify the possible reasons and then look at avenues for research. In this case the problem statement is pretty straight forward, there aren’t too many single women around and that certainly is a cause of concern. We begin with the root cause of the problem and that being the heavily unbalanced sex ratio. Now that was something that we’d read about in civics textbooks in school, so how is it relevant now? According to sources, we know that the sex ratio was at its worst in 2001 and now even the Govt has stepped in to check and alleviate the situation. Ever noticed how the number of girls in class would always be lesser in school, heck it never even mattered then. The same schoolgirls of the 90s have now become lovely lasses(of atleast some of them!) and the competition just went a notch higher. Add to this refrigerator looking guys with bikes who spend half their time waxing their chests and pumping iron in the gym. Smart looking IIT/IIM might have spent their major years behind books but then become huge magnets with their wit and intelligence. Then come doctors and all other men in uniform, there’s some strange affinity between women and uniforms!

We now are aware of the imbalance but then what is the real cause for
such dwindling numbers
real cause for such dwindling numbers? The answer lies in the sudden race to get hitched and all over people seem to be getting picked up. The falling numbers are a result of high paced courtship for no one wants to get left out, its like everyone has realized that out of 1000 men 150 will easily remain single and everyone now wants to be part of the 850! Let us put our hypothesis to the social media test. This prompts us to look up our favorite social media tool which is largely popular among the fraandhips-making gentry of the nation. Yes it’s orkut where the coolest dudes sport smuggled imitation eyewear and heavily gelled hair in their profile pics! Apparently since this is where todays youth connects lets take a closer look to get some feelers. Let us randomly pull up 100 profiles each of the so-called cool dudes and dudettes and line up the statistics. One look at the relationship status column will tell you that close to 80% of the guys and 40% of the girls would be listed as single. Which in lay man terms means that for every 40 single girls out there, there are 80 morons chasing them. Also since the sex ratio stands at 85:100 that takes down our number to 34 while the guys remain at 80. This deep chasm will give you an idea of how it is out there and add to that the fact that kids these days are in relationships even before they clear high school.

While our sample size is small and we are no champions of opinion pollschampions of opinion polls we can still see a trend and this mad rush. Look around and think of all the women you know, how many of them are single? Think of all the guys you chat with, the singles easily will be twice the previous number. Even simpler, goto a bar on a Friday night and notice the number of hungry hawks scanning the area for a lonely lass. It’s quite simple and they all point in one direction, single women are fast disappearing and may soon outpace the tigers! Like all hypothesis we only propose and explain the problem statement with providing and possible solutions. Heck that’s what academia is built upon, piles of theories rewording the same theory with the addition of minor tweaks. If we began answering questions instead of just posing new ones even academia would be hit by recession then! With the falling numbers of single women the race has sure heated up and that has resulted in fear psychosis. In a state of paranoia we today see guys chasing and courting women who they might have not even glanced upon had it been another day. The current situation exerts tremendous pressure coupled with peer expectations that is forcing many strong willed men to give in. So now, do we save the men from making hasty decisions or do we save the numbers of single women that are drying up?

PHD Comics

This post began from a chat conversation and was a inspired by the above comic. We’ve always excelled at spending our resources on nonsensical research and this is no different. By means of this post we hope to polarize the youth to pursue courting each other else face the inevitable singledom black-hole! The capital spent as a result will also benefit the malls, multiplexes, restaurants and bars there by contributing to the tottering economy.
PS: I’m perfectly fine and this was just a matter of discussion and nothing suggestive.

(Image inspired by: IndianChild – Save the girl child)