No singles left to mingle

India is growing dynamically in every field. Today, the boom in economy, innovative technologies and improved infrastructure has become nation’s pride. The country has witnessed advancements in all fields but bias against a girl child is still prevailing in the country. India is one of the few countries where selective sex gender bias exists till today. The onslaught of feminism has not allowed Indian women to revolt against the century old systems. For centuries together women have played their roles of being the provider and sustainer of families without even a thank you note at the end of their lives. It has been proven where ever women have been given freedom they have changed the world and made a better place to live in. Now all these heavy dialogs may give you the wrong impression but let us clear that air. We totally support women and the cause of the girl child, but today we are here to voice our opinion against single women. It is true that there is a dearth of single women all over and the shortage is even acute when it comes to desi women. It is often said that what goes around comes around, not sure if that’s true but hurling a ball at a wall will surely rebound. All these years of oppression and heinous acts like foeticide, infanticide and selective human breeding has come back to kick us in the nuts.

This past few weeks, the same topic has been coming up in a lot of chat convos with various people and hence we decided to research it
DappanKoothu style
research it DappanKoothu style. Like any good researcher we first need to ask ourselves the question, what the real issue? Once we’ve found the issue, we try to identify the possible reasons and then look at avenues for research. In this case the problem statement is pretty straight forward, there aren’t too many single women around and that certainly is a cause of concern. We begin with the root cause of the problem and that being the heavily unbalanced sex ratio. Now that was something that we’d read about in civics textbooks in school, so how is it relevant now? According to sources, we know that the sex ratio was at its worst in 2001 and now even the Govt has stepped in to check and alleviate the situation. Ever noticed how the number of girls in class would always be lesser in school, heck it never even mattered then. The same schoolgirls of the 90s have now become lovely lasses(of atleast some of them!) and the competition just went a notch higher. Add to this refrigerator looking guys with bikes who spend half their time waxing their chests and pumping iron in the gym. Smart looking IIT/IIM might have spent their major years behind books but then become huge magnets with their wit and intelligence. Then come doctors and all other men in uniform, there’s some strange affinity between women and uniforms!

We now are aware of the imbalance but then what is the real cause for
such dwindling numbers
real cause for such dwindling numbers? The answer lies in the sudden race to get hitched and all over people seem to be getting picked up. The falling numbers are a result of high paced courtship for no one wants to get left out, its like everyone has realized that out of 1000 men 150 will easily remain single and everyone now wants to be part of the 850! Let us put our hypothesis to the social media test. This prompts us to look up our favorite social media tool which is largely popular among the fraandhips-making gentry of the nation. Yes it’s orkut where the coolest dudes sport smuggled imitation eyewear and heavily gelled hair in their profile pics! Apparently since this is where todays youth connects lets take a closer look to get some feelers. Let us randomly pull up 100 profiles each of the so-called cool dudes and dudettes and line up the statistics. One look at the relationship status column will tell you that close to 80% of the guys and 40% of the girls would be listed as single. Which in lay man terms means that for every 40 single girls out there, there are 80 morons chasing them. Also since the sex ratio stands at 85:100 that takes down our number to 34 while the guys remain at 80. This deep chasm will give you an idea of how it is out there and add to that the fact that kids these days are in relationships even before they clear high school.

While our sample size is small and we are no champions of opinion pollschampions of opinion polls we can still see a trend and this mad rush. Look around and think of all the women you know, how many of them are single? Think of all the guys you chat with, the singles easily will be twice the previous number. Even simpler, goto a bar on a Friday night and notice the number of hungry hawks scanning the area for a lonely lass. It’s quite simple and they all point in one direction, single women are fast disappearing and may soon outpace the tigers! Like all hypothesis we only propose and explain the problem statement with providing and possible solutions. Heck that’s what academia is built upon, piles of theories rewording the same theory with the addition of minor tweaks. If we began answering questions instead of just posing new ones even academia would be hit by recession then! With the falling numbers of single women the race has sure heated up and that has resulted in fear psychosis. In a state of paranoia we today see guys chasing and courting women who they might have not even glanced upon had it been another day. The current situation exerts tremendous pressure coupled with peer expectations that is forcing many strong willed men to give in. So now, do we save the men from making hasty decisions or do we save the numbers of single women that are drying up?

PHD Comics

This post began from a chat conversation and was a inspired by the above comic. We’ve always excelled at spending our resources on nonsensical research and this is no different. By means of this post we hope to polarize the youth to pursue courting each other else face the inevitable singledom black-hole! The capital spent as a result will also benefit the malls, multiplexes, restaurants and bars there by contributing to the tottering economy.
PS: I’m perfectly fine and this was just a matter of discussion and nothing suggestive.

(Image inspired by: IndianChild – Save the girl child)

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  • So many boys. But only one me. This world can be cruel like that

    me: Oh yea the alpha-female and general secy of the chennai singles club!

    • By ‘only me’ do you mean the only girl who wants to hook but no guy is willing to hook up?

  • Infact a few days back a paper quoted that they found female foetueses in a polythene cover thrown in a dustbin….

    the rural india needs a revolution which can bring about a change in their thinking…

    me: Failing to act quick may lead to a backlash!

  • Brilliant, max. I think we’ve talked about this topic a million times as well! In Chennai especially, where people tend to be relatively conservative, it’s next to impossible to find a truly “single” girl! Given that a lot of people here seem to prefer long-long-long term relationships, I’d say that if you don’t have a girlfriend out of high school or at max, college, the best you can do is be backup #2 or #3 to someone who you think is probably not even in your league. What can I say, we are most unfortunate to have left India just as the market changed. Besides, people these days are so overachieving – ask me how many guys I know who are rich, have brand name degrees and play in a band/ or play a sport! Us regular Joe’s don’t even have it good in the arranged marriage circuit any more!

    me: Saving single women ought to be on national priority along with saving the tigers!

  • @idling: arranged marriage is the last hope…dont kill it yet

    @max: hmm…

    me: hmmmmmmmm, good luck buddy…

  • @buddy: Stop living in a cocoon and realize!

    @Max: Lol @ the PS. At the rest, well, we’ll get lucky someday. Soon.

    me: If not for the PS, I’d get comments asking me not to lose hope and hang in there crap!

  • In our engineering college, we had (those were the dark ages) 40 females to 1000 males. The game strategy of the hunks was to hit on the not-so-good-looking babes on the reasonable assumption that the good looking babes would be
    a. in a relationship already or
    b. have better looking guys hitting on them, thus increasing the probability that they would reject the said hunk.
    The result was that the ordinary looking blokes got the best babes and the hunks got all those girls who looked like Ayatollah Khomeini minus beard.

    me: Thats how you scored the hott lasses!

  • I remember this heart rending chat convo I had with you on this very topic – again a topic close to my heart. Sigh.

    Take heart and hang in there, dude. Will find something for you :) At least, now, you have one person less to compete in the US ille? :(

    me: Didn’t I tell you I’m fine! But then, that convo was fun….

  • lol- i have only one thing to tell you

    the more choosey one gets- the less luckier

    There are a lot of Single women out there- Just that there isn’t the ONE that suits you. That ONE is still single. Just a matter of time for you to meet her.

    The rest of the women u see around u- met their ‘ones’ :P

    there is ONE for everyONE

    courtesy- that dil to pagal hai movie

    me: when logic fails, turn to saruggan!

  • # “Heck that’s what academia is built upon, piles of theories rewording the same theory with the addition of minor tweaks.”

    I take offense to that:) As a true academic I believe we are the Cooks and Columbuses who explore new regions often at grave danger to oneself (One might die of boredom).

    # “I’m perfectly fine and this was just a matter of discussion and nothing suggestive.”

    ROTFL! I din’t even feel like being mean.

    me: This was not for you, it was to avoid e-hugs and that type of stuff.

  • As your senior in this field, I hear ya, buddy! I hear ya! But I do have point out something.

    the coolest dudes sport smuggled imitation eyewear

    I distinctly remember seeing a picture of you sporting similar glasses, with your arms stretched out like Saarukkan. On a blog banner even! Don’t run away from your past da. Embrace it.

    I’m perfectly fine and this was just a matter of discussion and nothing suggestive.

    LOL. You sure, macha?

    me: Firstly I dont wear smuggled imitation eyewear, secondly you have no idea of the cool_dude123, hothunk4u type guys who prowl orkut.

    • @ Anantha. I so wanted to take a dig at the SRK pose. But I decided against it Good one:)

    • What you mean I don’t have any idea? Why do you think I swore off Orkut in ’05? It was because the median age came down like crazy and i started seeing Aishwarya Rai, Jyothika, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan’s pics in profiles! Left bad taste in one’s mouth.

      • oh so you gotted, but then chumma to point out referred to the pic.

        but then I’ll steal your own line before you type it again.

        ‘Ennamo po . Nalla irundha seri’

        • Ya, I was pointing out that you were/are part of the same fake rayban shades wearing, hair gel sporting Orkut baaiys group you are criticizing.

          And yes, whatever it is, Ennamo poda. Nanna irundha seri ;)

          Don’t steal my line!

          • I personally think the name ‘maxdavinci’ is an inch away from ‘cool_dude123′ and ‘hothunk4u’.

            • AMEN, brother! AMEN!

            • donkey what know camphor smell

            • I didn’t read a word on this post. But this thread of comments caught my eye.

              Anantha & Ram: I remember that picture too.


              “donkey what know camphor smell”. I don’t know you at all but going by the picture I remember seeing, you lost all bragging rights to comment on cooldude_123 because you posed with your arms wide open with shades on under blue skies and on green meadows.

              • You think he was waiting for hotchick_143 to fall into his arms?

                P.S. Max nothing personal. Just having a bit of fun.

                • Yeah, Max. I hope you don’t fall off a cliff reading these comments.

                  Ram, dude said “e-hugs”.

              • I’m assuming you are one of the, I pose with my hands in my pockets or a ‘V’ symbol with my fingers club ppl…

                It’s OK, you havent read the post, and hence I shall not demean your intelligence. But then somewhere the whole point is lost.

                chalo lite…

                • Actually, I do not like appearing in pictures at all.

                  LOL, dude, no hard feelings, I was just giving you a hard time. Peace.

                  me: chill, lite le lo

          • not saying there are no single women, if there are then good wonly!

  • I am not sure how much to agree with you or your statistics… but I was having a conversation with one of friends over chat, and was tellin her that there are no single men left … they all are either married, or engaged or in some long-term relationship or worse gay. :-| and at the same time I see a post like this!
    Anyways a very nice research and read!

    me: we ought to collaborate! Thnx for stopping by

  • Cause for concern eh? True, very true!

  • phew. It took me close to 15 minutes processing the post, comments and then the mails. Damn, am growing old and busy :(

    In college, we were 12 girls and 2 boys. I hear ya max.

    it was to avoid e-hugs and that type of stuff.
    ..and here I almost felt my fingers type a *hug!

    me: LOL then obv you get the picture!

  • Way back in my high school days, this was one of the oft disccussed topics and yeah it keeps coming up time and again and the gap in the stats seem to be ever increasing.

    On a lighter note, considering the “gay” population these days, it might not be that bad a thing as well ;)

    me: Pain in the backside I say!

  • wow yaar… add me to your fan list!! Brilliant post.

    me: thnx!

  • hmm…posted on April1….. wonder if this post had something to do with ‘making up for google’s bad Apr 1 jokes’ by an ex-googler who was last heard cribbin that ‘googles apr1 jokes were much better before’

    btw… tanx for the dpka pic…now my desktop bkground….removed the txt nd added b/w effects….man..shez awesome…

    me: chumma don’t do nakkal!

  • All guys I know are either married or committed or gay. “No singles left to mingle” isn’t gender specific here. Maybe I chose a terrible time to leave India. But then again, there’s this: http://www.phdcomics.com/comics/archive.php?comicid=8

    me: we all have our own reasons don’t we?

  • I have a genuine doubt

    In my times, given the ratio, social inhibitions, things were difficult, but we did manage to get by marrying the good, flirting with the bad, and teasing the ugly.

    With all this blogging, social networking sites, perceived liberal atmosphere, platforms to meet and mingle, why do the young still say, “Where have all the guyz/gurlz gone”?

    PS: I kinda liked the Sarrukaan pose of yours!

    me: There are more ways to meet, but you need ppl to hook up with don’t you?

  • you added P.S to avoid e-hugs.. LOL.

    well with the number of girls waiting for their Mr.Right it seems a bit unbelievable that there are no single girls left. and with the increasing mingling sites.. it shouldn’t have been that difficult.

    look at the brighter side the girls have twice the choice than before. ;-)

    and agreeing with you i still feel that female foetocide that has been going on has really caused this imbalance. which will take about half a century to balance it again even if we start today.

    me: Yes yes women have all the choice wonly!

  • @maami: IMO, when girls complain that there are no guys, it’s just them being super picky! I don’t know even one single girl who doesn’t complain about all kinds of “unworthy guys” that are hitting on her. Whereas when a guy complains that there are no girls, it’s genuinely a matter of not finding any girls that would accept let alone reciprocate his advances! Part of the problem is that guys between 24-28 typically used to go for girls 21-24 (obv coz few girls are single between 24-28), and the girls in the latter demographic used to be more or less single as well, until recently, when it seems like there has been a substantial increase in the number of same-age hookups. Therefore you have guys 21-28 competing for girls who are 21-24! Please look out for a NS post on this topic.

    me: Aah the wise man speaks!

    • clarifying “girls in the latter demographic” = 21 to 24 year olds.

  • The good old line of ” What goes around, comes around ” makes sense now.

    Anyways – about women in Chennai .. I can tell you that your statistics are not quite right.

    You aren’t looking at the right places.

    me: I hope you could be of some assistance in that area!

  • Your analysis is fairly optimistic, I must say. In the sense that your sample space of available women is based on pure publicly available statistics. It does not help women like to keep this part of their lives secret in spite of Yudhistira’s curse.

    Also, I have a gripe that our south indian women are extremely defensive for no real reason (at least not apparent to the poor men like me). koDumai wonly.

    me: gotta pick up your game!

  • No singles left to mingle? Hmm..I think I differ with that statement. I’m pretty sure there are lots of singles out there, the problem is that everyone in today’s society has really high expectations for their ‘significant other’. And if that person doesn’t fulfill all 476 points on their check list, then they don’t qualify as a potential. Lol.

    But if you really think about, when the check lists are thrown outta the window, that’s when you really open your eyes and realize that there’s a bunch of different prospects out there. Depends on whether you’re a risk-taker or you prefer to play it safe. I’ve noticed the safe ones stay single for long periods of time. I say, take the plunge, go out there, meet people and so what if someone doesn’t meet everything you initially thought you wanted in a man/woman…they might teach you a thing or two about what should have actually been on that list versus what’s actually on there. :)

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