Orkut Jadagams/Facebook Milap for dummies Vol 1…….

Many are aware of the matchmaking process that is run by the maamis
of South India, and they form an enormous densely knit network of homemakers. For my friends north of the vindhyas it can be compared to the dabbawallahs of Mumbai. Just as a marked dabba will find its way from Chembur to Cuffe Parade, similarly the eligibility of a girl in Jagadamba Centre, Vishakapatnam will reach the households of Mylapore, Chennai. Students in the yoo-yess-af-yaa have their own network that revolves around AID and the respective ISA of each univ. Welcome to the world of orkut jadagams and facebook milap! Social networking sites have created a huge network amongst graduate students and that churns out information raging from jobs, housing and even ahem! louw…..

I wish to propose a few scenarios to prove my point. For all the scenarios stated below, there is a common step that we shall call processX and that is:

  1. Look up the Indian grad community of that univ on orkut/facebook which will always be “Indians/Desis at XXX”, “XXX Indian/Desi students”, “XXX ISA” (XXX being the name of the univ or the city where it is at).
  2. Now that you have located your community go ahead and look through the profiles, and as expected you will look at profiles of people from the opp sex.
  3. You are bound to find at least one person who is connected to you by the rule of six. Else ask your friends to perform processX, but you will find a match.
  4. Congratulations! Make calls on the weekend (free talktime!) through your common friend, get introduced and you just got access to the information super highway of that univ.

The cases below will all make use of processX

Case1: Your are transferring to another univ or got a job/intern, and hence require temp housing and pointers to the place etc etc. Perform process X, and your new contact will use his weekend minutes to find a place for your stuff and also assist in finding roomates or an appt if your luck is worse than the Karnataka CM.

Case2: You are attending a conference, AID work etc. then use processX to find temp housing. You might also use processX to make a list of interesting ladies in that univ incase you bump in to them. “Hey how about some chipotle?”, She will be thrilled but she doesn’t know that you’ve seen her on the chipotle lovers community! ProcessX can also be used to lookup a female you just saw but managed to get hold of her first name even if its of the boarding pass.

Case3: With all existing students seen in pairs you channelize your energy on the new batch of fall and spring students. Looking up their profiles is important before you commit to the ISA member for picking them up. Last thing you want is to be bombarded by questions for the next 30 mins by someone bilkul thanda or a person whose BF is in another univ. With the growing number of requests for picking up the same person we(ISA) have to result to bidding and persons offering to pick maximum people of our choice win.

Case4: When there is no luck with the new batch you resort to cross-border-terrorism i.e. Perform processX on the univ of your choice and this time you will need a second level contact i.e like your roommate’s childhood friend etc. Once you’ve found yor man, then get info bout the current status of the girl and use scrapology with an ample understanding of her communities to make the first move. You will however need a good profile with many favorable testimonials and an impressive array of interesting communities for a response.


Orkut profiles are always not authentic and that profile pic might be the latest Kannada heroine you haven’t heard of!


With that I rest my case, additions welcome…

PS: In response to KA