our silly 9PM deadline!!

here’s somethin i wrote, god this new rule sucks.

9PM – A time 4 cops!

the night is young n there many things 2 say,
may i go on typin if not mind u may?
i don’t drink so no use goin 2 the nearby pub,
instead took a left n went 2 qwicky’s coffee club.

there me saw this damsel, she was gorgeous as could b,
her beauty knew no bounds n 2 believe me u just had 2 c.
her sweet eyes n long tresses, god she looked gr8!,
everybody was gawkin n lookin at her but nobody 8.

she came n sat by my table n asked if twas’ free or not,
i could c faces turn green with envy coz boy she was hot!
i was speechless yet tried 2 have some conversation,
it was real tough as my pants were wet with perspiration.

then came this guy 2 take my order n he 2 was pretty mad,
i thought with with an angel b4 me wat else could go bad?
i don’t drink coffee so asked the guy 2 get me some juice,
n this girl across the table ordered some chocolate mousse.

the guy mistook my order n served me a pizza with lots of babycorn,
this made me mad as i swore 2 break the moron’s little horn.
the clock struck nine and like a sting op came the menacing cops,
they probably thought the pub served cofee 2 kids instead of lollipops.

hell broke loose as ppl rushed onto 2 the streets,
well the cops can add a new one 2 their list of feats.
what a shame the city’s nightlife has 2 end by nine,
that also ends our favorite hobby 2 shop wine n dine.

i never saw her after that n probably never will,
i failed 2 ask her name n should have gone 4 the kill.
well these events wrap up another remarkable day,
of cofee clubs,cops,pizza’s, n the unknown surgar ray!

if u have been then thnx 4 readin