What is love?

On Sunday night, a friend asked me this question and it took me sometime to conjure a fitting answer.

Love is pain, feeling it and yet being able to smile and bear it. Love is feeling jealous and envying the elements. Love is finding pleasure in the pain of separation as you long to see someone or just hear their voice.

Imagine a wide river with strong currents, There are no bridges and the river currents are too strong for any boat to survive. Now lets put two lovers on either side of the river and observe.

You know the person you love is on the other side and the gushing waters seem to resonate to your heartbeats. Ten minutes later you can’t bear the separation and wish if the lord gave you the power to part the river and thus enabling you to be with her. You look at the birds above you and feel jealous for the first time in your life as they can reach your beloved and not you. You envy the breeze as it blows over to the other side and touches her gentle skin. You think how lucky the fish are, for they can swim across to her. An hour later the pain is unbearable and you are ready to trade your soul in exchange for a chance to be on the other side, with her in your arms.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that is ……………..

ps: inspired by chandrahasa

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  • sigh…why this sudden quest…

  • @leena

    I thought you would be happy for me……

  • whoa…I didn’t know the person in question! and yes I am happy for u..:)

  • OMG! you seem to be stuck with the river concept. you wrote a comment on my blog along the same lines. :) Rivers(seas/oceans) and love kinda gel well… add to it some moonlight and you have a deadly romantic moment :)

  • I could’nt agree more. I too felt the same when someone asked me this question. But I also think, you feel this way only once in your life or rather, love happens only once. It puzzles me but I know this for sure. I’ve been in love thrice(or rather-loved 3 people) but I felt this way only for one.

    In response to your river bit- I used to wish I was aladdin with a magic carpet :)

    me: thrice? thats nice.. You don’t need to have a magic carpet, sprouting wings would suffice!

  • Wow I cannot believe I found this post so late.
    Am delighted to be a part of you inspiration in this post, if I may ask, which of my blog posts inspired you?

    me: Sorry was a while ago, and I myself don’t remember! Thnx for stopping by

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